BODYGUERRA – Fire & Soul (2021)

BODYGUERRA - Fire & Soul (2021) full

Fire & Soul” is the new album from BODYGUERRA, a modern female-fronted hard rock band with a classic style from the genre but an updated sound production. And when we say their ‘new album’ that’s because BODYGUERRA already has various recordings under their belt, toured all over Europe as support act for the likes of Graham Bonnet, David Reece, etc.
With more than a decade together, BODYGUERRA sounds confident an well oiled, driven by founder Guido Stoecker‘s virtuoso guitar playing and complemented by Christian Antwerpen’s heavy drumming & Daniel “Danji” Perl’s driving bass playing, all providing the foundation for Ela Sturm’s vocals. With its four octave range, her voice sounds equally impressive in the lows as in the highs.

Produced by Rolf Munkes (Tony Martin’s songwriter, Vivaldi Metal Project) who also play guitar, “Fire & Soul” features eleven rocking-bluesy hard rock / melodic metal tracks with that special flavor of female vocals.
Bodyguerra will impress you with powerful rock as well as melodic songs with catchy hooks like “Stay Free” and “Steelheart”, while the title track “Fire & Soul” proves that the band is not afraid to include soul influences as well.

The more ballad-like songs ”Behind The Clouds” and ”Believe” are also very good making the album flow nicely, while on ”Magical Touch” the band also adds a little of Classic rock feeling to the arrangements.
A complete album, well written and executed, old-school female fronted hard rock with a punchy modern production.
Highly Recommended


01 – Stay Free
02 – Danger Zone
03 – You Never Know Why
04 – Behind the Clouds
05 – Magical Touch
06 – Steelheart
07 – Soultrail
08 – Breakout
09 – Fire & Soul
10 – Out of Control
11 – Believe

Ela Sturm – vocals
Guido Stoecker – guitar
Danij Perl – bass
Christian Antwerpen – drums
Rolf Munkes – guitar
Hermann Focke – drums
JoJo Brunn – keyboards, Hammond



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