DILANA – Insideout [Remastered +1] (2020)

DILANA - Insideout [Remastered +1] (2020) full

As requested, here’s the remastered reissue of female singer DILANA‘s album “Insideout“, including a bonus track and new artwork. What happens when you combine a South African/Dutch singer (based in L.A.), some some classic rockers and a televised singing competition? This album! Sort of.
Dilana didn’t actually win the reality television show “Rock Star: Supernova,” but she did come close. Close enough, in fact, for No Doubt drummer Adrian Young and Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars to help back her on this firecracker of a major-label debut.
As one might expect, it’s a polished, punchy set of poppy hard rockin’ songs that does everything it can to showcase Dilana’s outsized set of pipes.

“My Drug” is a cool jangly rocker with a modern sound, while “Hate U” has a more rock&pop feel that has some big beats, and the undeniable guitar riffs of Mick Mars. Dilana’s vocals make this tune what it is. It could easily be a radio hit. “Loud Silence” is a slower number with some cool guitar tones surrounding the lady powerful pipes.
Some of the songs that I immediately took too on the first listen were “Holiday”, “Solid Gold” and especially “Falling Apart” – a straight ahead rocker with a huge chorus that could have topped the charts when rock music was still rock music.
These are the harder tunes on ”InsideOut”.

The album is very entertaining, largely due to Dilana’s strong and original voice. Her husky tone is hypnotic, giving even the weaker efforts a silver lining.
If you are a fan of female fronted rock, you ought to give ”InsideOut’ a listen.
Highly Recommended


01 – Holiday
02 – My Drug
03 – Hate U!!
04 – Loud Silence
05 – Somebody Else
06 – Ice
07 – Solid Gold
08 – Dirty Little Secret
09 – World Party (Free Love)
10 – Falling Apart
11 – Still Wanting
12 – The Question
13 – Crossroads

Dilana – vocals
Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe) – guitars
Dave Bassett – bass, keys
Adrian Young (No Doubt) – drums



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