LAST DAYS OF EDEN – Butterflies (2021)

LAST DAYS OF EDEN - Butterflies (2021) full

‘Butterfly’, that’s a word not that often used in metal / rock n’ roll misic. Crazy Town had a very successful song in 2000 with such a title and Moonspell released an album called The Butterfly Effect. For the rest, the colorful insects aren’t flying very often through the endless fields of metal.
October 15th, that is when a butterfly starts to fly for a next time. Melodic metal / progressive symphonic outfit LAST DAYS OF EDEN will release their next album entitled “Butterflies“.
Last Days Of Eden shaped a track list that includes 14 songs, which are a blend of modern and symphonic metal with a strong Celtic touch. All very melodic and polished.

After the last tones of an intro called ‘Cast the Spell’ faded, Last Days Of Eden takes it away with the cinematic ‘Abracadabra’. Now, it might not me the ultimate magic that happens when using this formula of the magician but one thing becomes apparent. Last Days Of Eden know how to connect bigger soundscapes with powerful riffing. Songs like ‘Mirror Mirror’ deliver to the point what the target group expects – soulful tones with a decent level of heaviness.

‘Crown of Thorns’ aims for balancing the heavier parts. The symphonic and very soulful song sounds like the soundtrack for a fairytale and before you dream away in wonderland it is the pounding ‘To Hell & Back’ that brings you back into reality.

Fans of this genre and of very polished and melodic – with heavier sections for a proper balance – rock music should have ‘Butterflies’ on the list of new releases to listen to. Last Days Of Eden are really professional on all aspects of their musical delivery, and ‘Butterflies’ (their third album) is easily their most complete work so far.
Highly Recommended


01 – Cast the Spell
02 – Abracadabra
03 – The Garden
04 – Silence
05 – Mirror, Mirror
06 – Moments
07 – The Secret
08 – Crown of Thorns
09 – To Hell & Back
10 – Traxel Mör
11 – Save the World
12 – Abandon
13 – The Journey
14 – Falling Angels

Ani M. Fojaco – Vocals
Dani G. – Guitar
Javi Gonzales – Bass
Sara Ember – Violin
Andrea Joglar – Bagpipes, Whistles
Leo Duarte – Drums


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