THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS – Can We Get A Witness (2021)

THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS - Can We Get A Witness (2021) full

Considered the new blood of Classic Southern Rock, THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS are releasing their new record “Can We Get A Witness“, a thirteen-song stand out album offering that builds on the influences of the genre’s royalty. Throughout the album, the imprint of Skynyrd, Allman Bros, and Little Feat can be heard, but rather than rest on the laurels of the legends, The Georgia Thunderbolts kick it up a notch.
In many ways, the record represents the start of a new era of Southern Rock built on life-changing songs and the energy of modern living, a strong batch of songs that are more than capable of helping true rock music get back into the mainstream.
The Georgia Thunderbolts are a straight-up great rock band, Southern or not – they add other elements to their music like hard rock. The songwriting snaps, the vocals roar, and the guitars are exactly what they should be. You’ve been waiting for this record to come along. Believe that.

Rome, Georgia natives Riley Couzzourt (lead guitar) and Bristol Perry (drums) join forces with Taylorsville’s T.J. Lyle (lead singer), Zach Everett (bass) and Logan Tolbert (guitar), whom play with high octane energy that take this album into “must have” category.
Hard-edged, harmonica blaring, and bluesy “Take It Slow” makes a great opener and sets the table for the rest of the album. The guitar driven, “Lend A Hand’ presents with all the bluster of a Skynyrd on steroids.

“Looking For An Old Friend,” and “Walk Tall Man,” all rock the southern way, even a cover of the Allman Brothers old “Midnight Rider” is juiced up with searing guitars and spot on harmonies.
Why you should be excited about this band is “Half Glass Woman” (so sleazy) and the absolutely timeless sound of “Dancin’ With The Devil”. Both of them are new here but belong in the pantheon of southern rock classics.

The almost title track “Can I Get A Witness” does its grooves big and thick and almost demands you pay it’s bail. Couzzourt and Tolbert can kick out the riffs as well as anyone, and the one for “Walk Tall Man” is as dry as dust, blasted by the arid wind almost.
“Can We Get A Witness” finishes off with an epic seven minute “Set Me Free”, making it clear that southern rock has found it’s new harbinger for years to come.

If ever there was a band that subscribed to the idea that making music wasn’t just a nice idea but instead an absolute necessity, then it’s this one. And “Can We Get A Witness” is very much their pledge to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Shout it loud. Georgia Thunderbolts are coming and they are set on creating a massive bang.
Highly Recommended


01 – Take It Slow
02 – Lend A Hand
03 – So You Wanna Change The World
04 – Looking For An Old Friend
05 – Spirit Of A Workin’ Man
06 – Midnight Rider
07 – Be Good To Yourself
08 – Half Glass Woman
09 – Dancin’ With The Devil
10 – Can I Get A Witness
11 – Walk Tall Man
12 – It’s Alright
13 – Set Me Free

Riley Couzzourt (lead guitar)
Bristol Perry (drums)
T.J. Lyle (lead singer)
Zach Everett (bass)
Logan Tolbert (guitar)



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