ATOMIC ANGEL – Atomic Angel [12-track bootleg] Rare Albums

ATOMIC ANGEL - Atomic Angel [12-track bootleg] Rare Albums full

It has been requested here the only full album from American classic hard rockers ATOMIC ANGEL. Fronted by the sexy and capable female singer Randi Ridout, ATOMIC ANGEL were very close to secure a deal with a major label, unfortunately in the Nineties the rock scene was already changing and that never happened. A real shame, as ATOMIC ANGEL got the chops, the looks, varied songwriting, and potential radio success.
However ATOMIC ANGEL managed to release their private recording “Atomic Angel” in 1993, originally intended for cassette only but also there were limited CD pressings. Production is good but the transfer to CD a bit tiny though.
Being an indie release the album became very hard to find with used copies over $100 at eBay, until it was bootlegged not so long ago… and surprise, the sound quality is far superior than the original release, fuller. Additionally, as bonus, it’s included ATOMIC ANGEL’s 4-track demo from 1995.
A rocking female fronted album which will please ’80s Jackie Bodimead, Heart, Laos, etc, fans out there, hooky tunes with a twist that make ’em special.

ATOMIC ANGEL were known for their storming live performances, with the band extensively touring the Midwestern U.S. playing countless gigs and sharing stages / supporting established acts.
Randi owns a colorful set of pipes, and Freddie Francis’ guitar work is second to none. The interesting thing on the songs on offer here are the mix of commercial hard rock hooks and well thought arrangements. It’s classic second half of the ’80s / early Nineties American hard, with strong melody and tight musicianship.
The band later slightly changed their sound and that’s heard into the bonus songs from 1995, adding a funk factor and some experimentation. Not good as the 1993 material, however nice to have it.

Bootlegs are usually the last chance to get rare, out of print albums and most the cases sound quality is ‘as it is‘. This “Atomic Angel” boot sounds great, much better than the original flat indie CD.
Very good band, very good stuff.
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Atomic Angel 1993:
01 – A Cry For Mother Nature
02 – Miss U My Baby
03 – Don’t Get Me Down
04 – Lust Or Love
05 – Kill Me Slowly
06 – The Wire
07 – Atomic Angel
08 – Turn Up Your Ears
1995 demo:
09 – The Fear of God
10 – Waiting
11 – Time Between Times
12 – Dreamscape

Randi Ridout – lead vocals, keyboards
Freddie Francis – guitar, backing vocals
Kevin Smith – bass, backing vocals
Terry DeJong – drums, backing vocals


out of print

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