CARL SENTANCE – Electric Eye (2021)

CARL SENTANCE - Electric Eye (2021) full

Electric Eye” is the name of the new solo album by CARL SENTANCE (current Nazareth frontman). One thing is immediately clear when listening to the songs: Carl Sentance does not do things by halves. Each song goes immediately into the ear. Every song invites to headbanging & singing along. And they are above all one thing: timeless.
Song-wise “Electric Eye” is melodic by nature, classic rock with certain soulful moments, some bluesy background. It’s so well-made it sounds effortless, although I am sure that a lot of effort has gone into its making.
Carl’s voice and guitars are backed up by very good songwriting skills and solid musicians including the legendary Don Airey on keyboards, Bob Richards (Asia, Adrian Smith, AC/DC) on drums, Wayne Banks (Brazen Abbot, Blaze Bayley, Persian Risk) on bass.

When Carl Sentance joined veteran Scottish hard rock band Nazareth in 2015, it was a tough gig to take on for any vocalist. Carl not only succeeded in performing the old Nazareth classics on stage, but he also breathed new life into the band. He helped Nazareth create fabulous new music on its 2018 album “Tattooed on My Brain”. Now Nazareth is in the studio recording its 25th studio album, its second with Carl on vocals.
But there’s no rest for the wicked. Carl has managed to put together a great solo album as well. Having initially made a name for himself in the 1980s as a great singer with the band Persian Risk, he also sang with Geezer Butler Band and later with Swiss hard rock band Krokus for a few years.
In addition to his commitment to Nazareth, he continues to create music with Don Airey of Deep Purple.

One of the best songs on the album is “Nervous Breakdown” which has a bit of a laidback pool-party feeling about it, despite its serious song title. “California Queen” also adds feel-good vibes. The title track is a terrific rocker of a song and so are “Exile”, “Judas” and “Alright”.
Overall, this is a sunny and happy rocking album. I like that about Carl Sentence – he’s an artist not afraid to go wherever his inspiration takes him. This studio album is great and it bodes well for the next Nazareth album too.
Highly Recommended


01 – Judas
02 – Alright
03 – Electric Eye
04 – Overload
05 – Nervous Breakdown
06 – Exile
07 – Young Beggars
08 – If This Is Heaven
09 – Battlecry
10 – California Queen

Carl Sentance – vocals and guitar
Don Airey – keyboards
Bob Richards (Asia, Adrian Smith, AC/DC) – drums
Wayne Banks (Brazen Abbot, Blaze Bayley, Persian Risk) – bass


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