LORDI – Lordiversity: Abusement Park [the mid-80s era] (2021)

LORDI - Lordiversity: Abusement Park [the mid-80s era] (2021) full

LORDI will release no fewer than seven new studio albums in 2021. And frontman Mr. Lordi admits that he was had originally hoped to release 10 new albums, only to have that idea vetoed by the Finnish group’s record label.
Titled ‘Lordiversity’, the box set will be available as seven CDs, or seven vinyl records. Each album will see the former Eurovision-winninig Finns tackle a different genre: hard rock, disco, progressive rock, heavy metal, AOR, thrash/speed and industrial metal.
The albums will be standalone available, and we have here another favorite from the box; “Abusement Park“. If it’s thunderous classic metal / hard rock with a strong spiritual link to the early / mid-80s you want – then the fourth album ‘Abusement Park’ in this absurdly opulent set is the one for you.
“Abusement Park” is a treat for fans of big, glossy singalong metal anthems, as songs like the arena-targeting title track and the ridiculously catchy “Grrr!” pay rowdy tribute to SCORPIONS, DOKKEN, KISS, W.A.S.P. and countless other bands from the beginning of ’80s metal’s first era of commercial dominance.

Mr. Lordi can write songs like these in his sleep, of course, but everything from tear-stained semi-ballad ‘Carousel’ to the Teutonic thump of ‘Up To No Good’ feels crafted and fully realized, with meticulous attention to detail.
Cowbell! Oh yeah! You can tell this era has a very find place in the black heart of Mr. Lordi because there is an enthusiasm and sincerity in the lyrics and delivery. Every song is spot on.

From the cowbell party time of ‘Nasty, Wild, Naughty’ to the power ballad ‘Carousel’, every song on this volume is Classic Metal heaven. The sing-along cut ‘Up To No Good’ shamelessly apes Motley’s ‘Looks That Kill’.
There is even an amusement park lyrical theme (hence the album title) that runs across the whole album with songs such as ‘House Of Mirrors’, ‘Pinball Machine’ and ‘Rollercoaster’.
All the songs are punchy and fun with the right amount of kick.

The album starts with a classic and creepy SCG and ends on a weird but funny note with a comedy Christmas song called ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’. Yeah, the band just announced it as a Christmas single for these Holidays.

ABUSEMENT PARK is the closest you will get to ‘real’ Lordi. Mr Lordi said many times he grew up listening ’80s metal, and it’s his main influence.
They could have put this out in their ‘regular’ catalogue and no one would have thought anything if it, other than Lordi delivering another fine, ’80s inspired, Classic Metal / Hard Rock album.
That is why this one takes top grade of the seven albums in the box set. It is the purest album where they do not have to try to do another style. It is just Lordi being Lordi, not Lordi being Disco or Prog or whatever.
Add the humor and monster attitude and this album is a rocking good time.
Highly Recommended


01 – SCG Minus 4: The Carnival Barker
02 – Abusement Park
03 – Grrr!
04 – Ghost Train
05 – Carousel
06 – House Of Mirrors
07 – Pinball Machine
08 – Nasty, Wild & Naughty
09 – Rollercoaster
10 – Up To No Good
11 – Merry Blah Blah Blah

Mr. Lordi – Vocals
Amen – Guitars
Mana – Drums
Hella – Keyboards
Hiisi – Bass


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