WONDERWORLD – Live Fire (2021)

WONDERWORLD - Live Fire (2021) full

Formed by the permanent backing band for Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), WONDERWORLD consists of Italian shouter Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Norwegians Ken Ingwersen (Street Legal) / Tom Fossheim. The trio released 3 albums so far with Hensley’s collaboration.
Sadly, in November of 2020 Ken Hensley passed away and the three musicians decided to dissolve WONDERWORLD, however recording a final album, “Live Fire“, to be released tomorrow. Hensley guest on one track, the last recording from the legendary musician.
WONDERWORLD’s sound could be best described as traditional hard rock / classic rock, mixing strong assertive riffs with a deep and powerful rhythm section. Yet these are quickly wrapped up in melody and harmony derived from the same guitar lines, but also Tiranti’s vocal arrangements.

They decided that the most fitting tribute to the man they saw as their mentor was an album consisting of songs they regularly played live with Ken Hensley’s Live Fire. Indeed, ‘Live Fire‘ consists of a mixture of Uriah Heep and Ken’s solo / Live Fire material.
This is no missmash of material hastily performed. This is such a coherent, and exceptionally performed selection, which delivers such a fantastic tribute. Roberto’s vocal performance is just superb, giving the songs the right delivery while still maintaining the flavor of his vocal style. This is something not easily undertaken. Ken Ingwersen and Tom Fossheim‘s musicianship is as always exemplary.

It’s easy to say that ‘Live Fire‘ is a fitting tribute, but as a fan of Ken’s time in Heep and knowing that material very well, that alone makes for a superb release.
The album finishes off with ‘The Longest Night‘ with Ken Hensley‘s vocals accompanying Roberto’s and it gave me goose bumps listening to it.

Now I’d of bought ‘Live Fire‘ regardless as it’s a Wonderworld release, but it really is so much more and they have given new life to some much loved songs in what truly is a fitting tribute to a musical legend.
Highly Recommended


01 – Live Fire
02 – Ready To Die
03 – Sunrise
04 – Easy Livin’
05 – The Curse
06 – Circle Of Hands
07 – Look At Yourself
08 – July Morning
09 – The Last Dance
10 – Gypsy
11 – The Longest Night (feat. Ken Hensley)

Ken Ingwersen – guitar
Tom Fossheim – drums
Roberto Tiranti (Labrynth) – vocals, bass
Ken Hensley – vocals


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