WYLD RYDE – Gasoline Alley (2021)

WYLD RYDE - Gasoline Alley (2021) full

Classic hard rock & metal is still alive in a America, at least int the indie scene. Just listen to “Gasoline Alley“, the new album from Louisville, Kentucky-based WYLD RYDE; are we still in 1984? Nope, but this 4-piece seems to.
Songs like title track, ‘Hold on Me’ or the bruising ‘Six Gun Shooter’ are thunderously-charged metallic tunes combining the fierce riffs of Leatherwolf with ball-n-chain street riffs ala Keel. It’s the attitude, the uncompromising riffage that make these guys quite special, and I’m sure they should be pretty storming live.

Taking influence from bands such as Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, Keel, etc, Chief (Vocals/Guitar), Tommy (Guitar), Mick (Bass) and Kidd (Drums) have shared the stage with with bands such as Black Stone Cherry, Skid Row, Udo Dirkschneider, etc, a proof of why WYLD RYDE is one of the most respected indie outfits around at the moment.
The songs on “Gasoline Alley” really well written and performed, and while production is better on some, considering the self-managed effort this is a well rounded albums.
And I gotta say it again: WYLD RYDE convinces with its attitude, authenticity and energy. As long as bands like WYLD RYDE still exists, real rock and roll will never die.
Highly recommended old-school ’80-type US metal hard rock.


01 – Gasoline Alley
02 – Hold on Me
03 – Alone
04 – Six Gun Shooter
05 – Come & Go
06 – Don’t Say No
07 – Pushin’
08 – Fantasy
09 – Something to Hide
10 – City Streets

Chief – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Tommy Blitz – Lead Guitar & vocals
Mick Watkins – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Kidd Vicious – Drums



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  1. Jayman says:

    Thanks, Cool to see a band from my home town in Louisville, KY on here

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