Mr. NASTY – .38 Caliber Kisses (1990) out of print

Mr. NASTY - .38 Caliber Kisses (1990) out of print full

As requested we have here this not well known release by this American band from the glory days of hair metal / glammy hard rock, Mr. NASTY and their 1990’s album ”.38 Caliber Kisses”.
While released by a small label – and that’s one of the reasons this CD isn’t best known by fans of the genre – the quality of ”.38 Caliber Kisses” is really good, the album sold well back in the day and Mr. NASTY was a regular in the US East Coast club circuit.
This is raw glammy hard rock with an ’80s sleazy attitude, some kind of a mix between Faster Pussycat and early Cinderella; fun, catchy, dirty street rock n’ roll to have a good time, very well written, performed and produced for the genre.

All the songs on ”.38 Caliber Kisses” are pretty killer stuff, driven by strong 80s trademark riffs and killer solos. Vocalist Dee Dee Sweet has the right gritty, slightly nasal delivery needed for this rock style, and the rest of the band can more than compete with any of the major label acts of this ilk.
Don’t let the cliched song titles fool you, this is great sleazy rock n’ roll. For instance “Kandyluv” sets down a mean beat and uses screeching vocals to ram its message home.
“EZ Action” has a hypnotic rhythm pulsating throughout as it teeters between sleaze and pop-rock. I also like the good-time approach to “Love Rockit”, a party anthem with an addictive chorus. “Shakin’ The Walls” is another highlight.

Albums like this are the reason rock music was so much fun in the late ’80s and early ’90s. On the contrary of what happened with this type of bands Mr. NASTY continued active during the ’90s and 2000’s, and while they didn’t released another full album they never sold their souls to the trends and keep playing gigs faithful to their sound.
Highly Recommended


01. Guns & Money
02. EZ Action
03. Love Rockit
04. Shakin’ The Walls
05. Rag Doll
06. Die My Hare
07. Telephone Line
08. Kandyluv
09. Tame My Tiger
10. Just Too Young To Know
11. Pretty Vacant
12. Pretty Outro

Dee Dee Sweet – vocals
Scott Bittner – guitars
Doug Banx – guitars
Tommy Jo Cole – bass
Monti Monroe – drums


out of print

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