VANTAGE POINT – On Target (2022)

VANTAGE POINT - On Target (2022) full

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, VANTAGE POINT have been in the music business for over two decades, released six albums and toured with the best, always managed by themselves to preserve their musical integrity. Indeed, their indie status gave them the chance to explore a diverse palette, ranging from hard rock, metal, melodic rock and more.
For their new album, ”On Target”, VANTAGE POINT’s added secret sauce ingredient this time is a very healthy infusion of keyboards throughout the record which brings a further touch of class and really elevates things to the next level.
”On Target” overall sound takes you back to 1985; just watch the video-song below “Can’t Wait for Her Love” which is totally vajazzled by a ‘Jump’ style synth takeover unlike anything we’ve heard from the band before.

VANTAGE POINT rocks on this new CD, at times displaying all the characteristics of the band since its foundation, like on title track “On Target”, driven by a chugging riff and tasteful solo from stalwart guitarist Liam Kane. As always, Murray Graham brings rumbling bass and stunning vocals but he’s twice as good on this song when his voice is double-tracked on the chorus.
But on almost the entire tracklist we find a strong keyboard presence and a welcomed, feel-good melodic rock edge.
Just listen to “Just Want You”, splash of keyboards in the best tradition of the genre, over sweet guitar riffs and clean vocals.

The keys and guitar work beautifully together on the very classy “End of the Line” and the excellent “Leave It”, before Matthew Bartlett’s Hammond organ takes the spotlight on the outstanding “Unlike Any Woman” which absolutely screams early ’80s stuff.
By way of variety, the band also delivers the gossamer ballad “Dear Lou” along with a piano-based reprise “Endear Lou”, and there’s also the positively show-tuney “Stars Align” which gets a big backing-vocal production job.

VANTAGE POINT members are fans of comics, hence the cover artwork of a sexier-than-Jessica Rabbit cartoon character, Abbie Long. It’s up to you if you like it or not, but for sure all of you will enjoy the music inside ”On Target”.
Highly Recommended


01. Can’t Wait For Her Love
02. On Target
03. Dear Lou
04. End of the Line
05. Leave It (Remix)
06. On Point
07. Unlike Any Woman
08. I Just Want You
09. Stars Align
10. Endear Lou

Murray Graham – Vocals, Bass
Liam Kane – Guitars
David Cumming – Drums
Matthew Barlett – Keys, Synths
Andy, Constance & Oriane Pennycuik – Backing Vocals



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