CHOIRBOYS – Feels Good (2021-2022)

CHOIRBOYS - Feels Good (2021-2022) full

Any utterance of Australian melodic rock / rock&pop and you can’t go past CHOIRBOYS… a staple of Australia’s rock n’ roll landscape since their inception in 1978. Over 40 years on, their songs are still as relevant as ever and none other than their seminal rock anthem, ‘Run To Paradise’.
With the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 that confined people to their homes, and forced the hand of musicians like Choirboys to adapt, they ventured from loud, sweat driven and gritty pubs to live-streaming a set of their classic songs to the very lounge room of their fans.
It also gave birth to their new album of hits recorded with new arrangements, a CD titled ”Feels Good”, appeared digitally last year and now pressed on CD and vinyl.

Choirboys’ history is enduring and vast. They’ve lived the true rock n roll dream. They signed their first recording deal with Alberts alongside stablemates AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo and a bunch of other Aussie r n’ r stalwarts. They’ve released three top 30 albums and have charted in overseas territories including the US.
They continue to be a constant on the Australian East Coast touring and festival circuits. Mark Gable is still belting out an incredible rock vocal and the band locks together for a tight and powerful performance on the songs on this new album.

You can’t go wrong with the music packed into ”Feels Good”. It’s all classy stuff which makes justice to its title.
Highly Recommended


01 – Run To Paradise
02 – Rendezvous
03 – Feels Good
04 – So Easy
05 – Home Free
06 – Drops Like A Stone
07 – She’s So Fine
08 – Sorry
09 – Come and See Her

Mark Gable (lead vocals, guitar)
Steve Williams (guitar, vocals)
Ian Hulme (bass, vocals)
Barton Price (drums, vocals)



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