QUICKSTRIKE – None Of A Kind (2022)

QUICKSTRIKE - None Of A Kind (2022) full

None Of A Kind” is the debut album for young classic hard rockers QUICKSTRIKE, released today by Rockshots Records. Establishing their permanent lineup in 2017, the quintet has been performing authentic, high-quality rock n’ roll all over Europe gig after gig.
With the emergence of such bands as Greta Van Fleet, the sudden popularity of the Queen biopic, and the Guns N’ Roses reunion, they all point to one thing: good ol’ rock n’ roll is slowly preparing for its long-awaited return to the spotlight.
Quickstrike’s sound is indeed like a mix of 1988 Guns N’ Roses, LA Guns and Black Star Riders, with an updated production but capturing that sleazy 80s vibe. And they write darn fine songs!

Much like its album art, Quickstrike’s ”None of a Kind” does pretty much just what it says on the tin, as you’d expect it to: it’s the sort of hard rocking fun time you’d most succinctly sum up with a simple “Whoo!” cry. How much of a good or bad thing that is depends on what you’re after really, but Quickstrike certainly can’t be accused of misrepresenting themselves.

There’s a song on here called “Nice Hair, Bad Habits”, and that tells you what you need to know going in. This is unabashedly sweat-drenched, balls-out hard rocking. And honestly, it’s pretty effective at this.
“Rebel Radio” has a machine gun pace and rapid fire vocal delivery, and it definitely gets you grooving along. It’s the sort of song that throws itself forward with so much gusto and chugging gasoline that you can’t help but get swept up in it. “Cheats ‘n’ Liars” is another one to get the toes tapping, and the title track is absolutely packed with swaggering certainty.

Quite different is ”Pergament’’. It has a dark, moody groove very reminiscent of something Babylon A.D. would create. The heavy, tuned down chords provided by guitarist Ritchskies meshes well with the vocal range of Piggy for a very good song

QUICKSTRIKE’s ”None of a Kind” knows what it wants to be: it’s a slab of pretty straightforward hard rock, melodic, punchy, rarely feeling weak or outright repetitive. This a young band, but certainly got the chops of yesteryear.
Highly Recommended


01 – Real Rock Disaster
02 – Saint
03 – Cheats n’ Liars
04 – Shut them Down
05 – Pergament
06 – Son Of A Gun
07 – Nice Hair, Bad Habits
08 – Thorn
09 – Rebel Radio
10 – None Of A Kind

Vocals – Piggy
Guitar – Ritchskies
Drums – Fourleaf Graves
Guitar – Mascot
Bass – Bulletooth



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