Boguslaw Balcerak’s CRYLORD – Human Heredity (2022)

Boguslaw Balcerak's CRYLORD - Human Heredity (2022) full

Already a veteran into the scene, virtuoso guitarist & songwriter Boguslaw Balcerak is releasing the third album with his Boguslaw Balcerak’s CRYLORD band. Titled “Human Heredity“, the CD will be released by Pride & Joy Music this week.
While the previous two efforts where musically strongly neo-classically influenced (read Richie Blackmore) “Human Heredity” is much more traditional hard rock oriented, at places AOR (check the video below), and the songs gain on dynamics and groove.
As usual, Boguslaw uses the best vocalists around which by the way are eager to work with him:
the unique Göran Edman sings 3 songs, powerhouse shouter Rick Altzi, David Akesson, Tim Ripper Owens and more.

While those vocals are indeed impressive, they aren’t everything, the musical component is also very satisfying. There is added appeal on this album as Boguslaw Balcerak’s playing – also keyboards & bass – erupts on “Human Heredity”.

So you would expect Boguslaw’s guitar to play a predominant role on this recording as he delivers those stirring riffs and solos but it isn’t overdone. Boguslaw’s performance is entwined with very complementary keyboards and supported by vibrant drums by Jeremiasz Baum.
Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord has recorded a memorable album for the genre that rises above many similar releases.
Highly Recommended


01 – It’s just a wind (feat. Göran Edman)
02 – Thunderbolt (feat. Rick Altzi)
03 – Death is rising (feat. David Akesson)
04 – Set my heart on fire (feat. Göran Edman)
05 – Falling for you (feat. Ryan Beck)
06 – Scary dream (feat. David Akesson)
07 – Eyes of fire (feat. Jota Fortihno)
08 – Lord of the light (feat. David Akesson)
09 – Wind me up (feat. Göran Edman)
10 – Wolf at the gates (feat. Tim Ripper Owens)
11 – You are my only relief (feat. David Akesson)

Bogusław “Bibas” Balcerak – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Jeremiasz Baum – Drums

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