WOLVESPIRIT – Change The World (2022)

WOLVESPIRIT - Change The World (2022) full

German hard rockers WOLVESPIRIT demand: “Change The World” – and present the album to go with it. WolveSpirit live for the music – literally. The band from Würzburg has been living together on their own estate for years and is fully occupied with their art, not least completely independently. And you can hear that: Hard Rock as its meant to be in terms of sound, composition and emotion.
“Change The World” is the title of WolveSpirit’s new studio work and contains straight rockers and classic hard rock material, with a powerful bluesy background. This is a female fronted band – American singer Debbie Craft – which gives the music an extra interest.
What WolveSpirit delivers on their new disc has a lot to offer. Already with the opener ‘Don’t You Know’ it becomes evident that no prisoners are taken here. Groove and power is what make the song a great introduction to the album. You immediately get a thirst for more and this desire is also fulfilled.

WolveSpirit started in 2009 and it was the brothers Oliver and Richard Eberlein, as well as singer Debbie Craft, who founded the band. The debut album ‘Spirit Metal’ was released in 2011 and another four records were added in the course of time. With ‘Change the World’ the band adds another album and they do it in a very skillful way.

Their hard rock sound is classy, however what makes it special is the ‘classic rock’ groove the band infuse into the arrangements.
All in all, the album contains 11 songs that all together reflect a perfect flow – there is no moment of boredom. No matter if you listen to the bluesy ‘Thunder and Lightning’ or lean back during the calmer tones of ‘Over the Rainbow’, the listening delight always remains the same.

WolveSpirit are at their best, however, when they unleash the rock beast. ‘Strong Against the Wind’ is one of those rocking anthems on the album. The groovy and gritty ‘Time is Running’ is another tune not to be missed.
The fascinating thing about ”Change The World” is that the five-piece does what they love, and the way they like it. A chumming up and trends is not the motivation for WolveSpirit. Rather, it is the passion and fascination for ingenious rock music what makes this album stand out.
The raw voice of Debbie Craft, together with the hard and at the same time soulful guitar work / Hammond B3  make ‘Change The World’ a great Classic Rock album.

This longplayer shines with a liveliness and power that comes from within and doesn’t seem to be forced at any time. ”Change The World” is an entertaining CD all the way, and one thing is certain, WolveSpirit will be a shining spot on our rock radar from now on.
Highly Recommended


01 – Don’t You Know
02 – Hells Bells Are Ringing
03 – Change the World
04 – Thunder and Lighting
05 – Strong Against the Wind
06 – Drown You Down
07 – Fallen
08 – Time Is Running
09 – Over the Rainbow
10 – I Belong to You
11 – Crazy

Debby Craft – vocals
Rio Wolfhart – guitars
Oliver Eberlein – keyboards, Hammond B3
Marco Tullius – bass
Martin The Animal – drums



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