INTUITION – Turn It On! [Ronni Santmyer’s remaster +3] *0dayrox Exclusive*

INTUITION - Turn It On! [Ronni Santmyer's remaster +3] *0dayrox Exclusive* full

After listening ”Turn It On!”, the only album recorded by Baltimore based melodic rockers INTUITION and originally released 1994 you ask yourself if the album cover isn’t misprinted… Are you sure it’s not some unreleased Danger Danger album? Isn’t it Ted Poley on vox? What year is it at all??? 1988? And why does the sun start to shine right away when playing this album? Why do you feel the need to shout all the refrains out in the void while cruising in this unexpected sunshine?
Yes, ”Turn It On!” sounds like recorded 1988, mixing feel-good melodic rock / AOR with all these hooks and catchy choruses. In the early ’90s INTUITION were very close to be signed by major label Polygram, but we all known what happened with this type of fun rock n’ roll at the time…
INTUITION managed to release ”Turn It On!” anyway, and a couple of bootleg CD’s surfaced after that, but here we have the remastered version of the album handled by the band’s guitarist Ronni Santmyer in 2010 and offered at his website to the fans for free on 320kbps mp3.
The website / mp3’s are not available anymore, but we have here the full album for your listening pleasure, also in HQ lossless sent back in the day to a 0dayrox team member by Santmyer himself.
Alongside the original album, there’s 3 extra tracks; an album track remixed by Santmyer, and two quality demos, unreleased songs by the band recorded 1991.
Not only a collectible item, but a fantastic slice of classic US ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR!

Listening to these recordings, seems keyboardist Chris McCoy didn’t buy new synthesizers since 1985, and guitarist Ronni Santmyer is using Richie Sambora’s gear he used for “Slippery When Wet”. Yes, this album’s sound is pure ’80s.
How many million times have we heard a song with the title “Going Crazy”? But did any of them have as big hooks and chorus in the refrain as this one? Then “Don’t Let Me Go” remind me of Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home”, maybe because of the plain piano and Dean Jason’s high-pitched vocals.

Was Santmyer taking lessons from Vito Bratta (White Lion) before writing “In Love Again”? Or were these guys just grown up on Poison, Danger Danger, White Lion and those great glam/melodic rock bands of the 80s just like me?
Yeah, this type of sound makes me so happy, and puts a big smile on my face. The same happens with ”Outta Love”, the ridiculously catchy “Night by Night”, or the pumping title track.

It’s a shame that ”Turn It On!” arrived too late in 1994, and the fact never was properly reissued / distributed again in this stupendous remaster by the band’s guitarist – which by the way sounds amazing and blows out of the water the original indie CD pressing.
HIGHLY Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Southside
02 – Hearts of Fire
03 – Goin’ Crazy
04 – Don’t Let Me Go
05 – Outta Love
06 – In Love Again
07 – Heartless
08 – Turn It On!
09 – Don’t Let Me Go (Piano / vox version)
10 – Jaquline (Demo)
11 – Night By Night (Demo)

Dean Jason – lead and backing vocals
Ronni Santmyer – guitars, backing vocals
Brian Lake – bass, backing vocals
Chris McCoy – keyboards, backing vocals
Mike Snyder – drums, percussion
Michael Leigh – backing vocals
Dave Barber – guitar solo on “Outta Love”
Eric Turner – drums on “Goin’ Crazy”
Rich Chamberlin – bass on demos
Dean Jason – keyboards, vocals on demos


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