GLASS TIGER – The Thin Red Line [2xCD Anniversary Edition Remastered]

GLASS TIGER - The Thin Red Line [2CD Anniversary Edition] (2012)

This is a cool request of a really great album; EMI Music Canada 2xCD release of the ‘Anniversary Edition‘ of the classic GLASS TIGER debut album “The Thin Red Line“, remastered, including an extra CD with tons of gems, and new artwork.
The 1986 debut went four times platinum in its native Canada and gold in the US, spawning several hits blending catchy Rock&Pop, AOR and radio friendly tunes.
Who does not remember martial rhythm of title track and first single “The Thin Red Line”, driving by anthemic drums and ‘that’ awesome ’80s keyboards.

GLASS TIGER - The Thin Red Line [2CD Anniversary Edition Remastered & Expanded] booklet

“Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)” was written by Bryan Adams (who sings some vocal parts) and his right hand Jim Vallance, a big hit in the US as well as Canada. After Alan Frew sings the chorus, Adams’ voice can be heard singing the second chorus part.

“Vanishing Tribe” is lovely keyboard / synth filled song, while the nostalgic sadness of “Looking At A Picture” has the musical style of a Journey song. Steve Perry wouldn’t be out of place singing this.
The third single, the mid-paced “Someday” has a classic ’80s bouncy-bass synths and a killer backbeat, one of my favorites of the album. In fact, it’s among my favorite Eighties songs ever.
It was co-written, again, by Jim Vallance, who also produced the whole album.

GLASS TIGER - The Thin Red Line [2CD Anniversary Edition Remastered & Expanded] back

“The Thin Red Line” is a milestone in ’80s music, both in songwriting quality and production sound.
Glass Tiger gets some support from pro musicians; apart from Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, other Canadian AOR renowned artists helps out with excellent backing vocals: Dalbello, Marc LaFrance & Paul Janz.
The new deluxe 2-CD “The Thin Red Line Anniversary Edition” includes the full album remastered, along with single and extended mixes of the band’s biggest hits, B-sides, live & previously unreleased alternate versions.
A Must


CD 1
1. Thin Red Line 4:56
2. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) 4:08
3. Closer To You 3:37
4. Vanishing Tribe 4:06
5. Looking At A Picture 4:02
6. The Secret 0:47
7. Ancient Evenings 4:55
8. Ecstasy 4:25
9. Someday 3:37
10. I Will Be There 3:28
11. You’re What I Look For 3:52


CD 2
1. Thin Red Line (Reverence Mix) 4:11
2. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) (Writer’s Demo) 5:56
3. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) (Single Mix) 4:06
4. I Will Be There (Single Version) 3:10
5. Touch & Go (Tokyo) (Demo) 3:42
6. Someday (Writers Demo) 8:07
7. Someday (Extended Mix) 7:22
8. You’re What I Look For (Live At Ontario Place) 3:55
9. After The Dance (Live At Ontario Place) 4:35
10. Do You Wanna Dance (With Me) 3:59
11. Thin Red Line (Single Version) 4:00
12. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) (Extended Mix) 7:16
13. Thin Red Line (Rather Red Mix) 6:13

Alan Frew: Vocals
Al Connelly: Guitar
Sam Reid: Keyboards
Wayne Parker: Bass
Michael Hanson: Drums
Keith Scott – add. Guitar
Charles Gray, Chase Sanborn, Russ Little: Horns
Jim Vallance: add. Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Producer
Bryan Adams, Dalbello, Marc LaFrance, Michael Hanson, Paul Janz, Sharon Lee Williams: Backing Vocals



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