FIND ME – Dark Angel [Japan Edition +1] (2015) Out Of Print

FIND ME - Dark Angel [Japanese Edition] (2015)

As requested, here’s “Dark Angel“, the second album from FIND ME in its Japanese edition including a bonus track, now out of print. FIND ME, the collaboration between Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Daniel Flores (Issa, The Murder of My Sweet, Seventh Wonder) and awesome singer Robbie LaBlanc from Blanc Faces was put together by Frontiers Records with a vision to unleash another AOR behemoth.
FIND ME’s debut album received excellent reviews and left fans begging for more music from the duo. No demands could have been easier to fulfill as the two guys just love working together and finding the right songs for the group from contributors like Alessandro Del Vecchio, legendary Mark Mangold, brothers Tom and James Martin (Vega, Issa), Soren Kronqvist (Sunstorm), Niclas Olsson (Alyson Avenue) or Philip Lindstrand (Strong) was a pleasure.

“I searched for new songs and fresh ideas from writers from all over the world” tells drummer and producer Daniel Flores. According to Robbie LaBlanc: “Daniel really understands how to create an awesome AOR record. He allows me some flexibility in the melodies and is a pleasure to work with and a true pro.”

The result is once again a delightful and massive melodic rock record, chock full of mighty anthemic AOR songs with Robbie’s soaring lead vocals and amazing performances from Daniel Flores and guitarist Philip Lindstrand.
Sonically, this powerhouse album sits in between the classic sound of Journey and Giant and newcomers like W.E.T and Eclipse.
“To be honest, in the first album, all involved tried to find the right combination of all the elements we love in AOR music” adds Daniel. “Now we feel more confident on what people will like.

Production wise everything just came naturally in place in this recording. Also Robbie sings even better than on last record and that’s no small accomplishment really.”
“I feel I connected with these songs really nicely” adds Robbie. “It’s funny; from all the demos I received from Daniel I think we only changed one key. It’s like they were written right for me!”

FIND ME - Dark Angel [Japanese Edition] (2015) back

“I hope we get to give the AOR fans the same feelings they got when they discovered this music for the first time,” concludes Daniel, “We try to remind people of how the old records where done in this style, with the same mentality and complete devotion but with the cutting edge sound and quality engineering that technology has brought to date.
Also, we hope to have chances to play for the fans live next year.”
“Dark Angel” is just another unmissable album for the AOR crowd world-wide.
Highly Recommended


Marquee / Avalon ~ MICP-11256

01 – Nowhere To Hide
02 – Let Love Rule
03 – Forever
04 – Another Day
05 – Dark Angel
06 – Bleed In The Rain
07 – Face To Face
08 – Where Do I Go
09 – Midnight Memories
10 – Don’t Slip Away From Me
11 – Did You Feel Any Love
12 – I’m Free
13 – Forever (Acoustic Version) [Japan Bonus]

Robbie Lablanc – Lead and background vocals
Philip Lindstrand – Rhythm and lead Guitars, Bass
Sören Kronqvist – Keyboards
Daniel Flores – Drums and Keyboards
Angelica Rylin – Vocals on “Another day”
Christopher Vetter – Lead guitars and Clean Guitars
Backing vocals: Robert Lablanc, Philip Lidstrand, Thomas Vikström, Angelica Rylin, Redas Jefisovas and Daniel Flores


Out Of Print

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