Tommy Denander’s RADIOACTIVE – X.X.X. (2022)

Tommy Denander's RADIOACTIVE - X.X.X. (2022) full

To be released via Frontiers Music, “X.X.X.” is the title of the new studio album from RADIOACTIVE, the band started in 1991 by Swedish guitarist / songwriter / producer Tommy Denander. “X.X.X.” will be the fifth album overall under this moniker and the first new release since 2015.
As with past Radioactive albums, “X.X.X.” features a stunning list of guest vocalists lending their talents to the proceedings. Robin McAuley, Robbie LaBlanc, Jerome Mazza, Clif Magness, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Daniel Byrne all contribute their talents here.
Tommy also brought in a very special guest, none other than renowned producer Mutt Lange (Def Leppard, AC/DC), who co-wrote two tracks, ‘Move It’ and ‘I Have A Dream’, with Tommy and Olle Romö and provided background vocals for them as well. Erik Grönwall (ex-H.E.A.T.) also contributed to the writing of ‘I Have A Dream’ and the rest of the tracks were written by Tommy and Olle Romö, who also plays drums on the album.
“X.X.X.” in Roman numerals being ”30” is the proper title to celebrate RADIOACTIVE 30th Anniversary, and what a great way to do it!


01 – Monkey on Our Backs (feat. Jerome Mazza)
02 – The Deed is Done (feat. Robin McAuley)
03 – Remember the Ghosts (feat. Robbie LaBlanc)
04 – Written in the Scars (feat. Christian Ingebrigtsen)
05 – If Today Was Your Last Day Alive (feat. Jerome Mazza)
06 – Move It (feat. Robin McAuley)
07 – Youman Unkind (feat. Robbie LaBlanc)
08 – I Have a Dream (feat. Jerome Mazza)
09 – Voodoo Queen (feat. Robbie LaBlanc)
10 – Drag Me Through the Mud (feat. Daniel Byrne)
11 – California Ways (feat. Clif Magness)

Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards: Tommy Denander
Drums: Neil Anami, Olle Romö
Lead Vocals:
Daniel Byrne
Christian Ingebrigtsen
Robbie LaBlanc
Clif Magness
Jerome Mazza
Robin McAuley
Backing vocals: Andreas Carlsson, Tommy Denander, Tommy Henriksen, Mutt Lange


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