FOSS (Norway) – These Voices (2022)

FOSS (Norway) - These Voices (2022) (2021) full

FOSS is a heavy rock band from Sarpsborg, Norway, with more than a decade rocking into the Scandinavian circuit having played with bands such as Slade, Nazareth, Wig Wam, etc, and after some line up changes they are presenting their new, third album “These Voices“.
Føss’ style is classic, traditional hard rock / metal with an old-school sound reminiscent of the the ’80s British feel for the genre with the added Scandi, own touch. Melody and groove are key ingredients into their output, with a versatile vocalist suited for this type of music, no accent in sight.
There’s a lot to enjoy on “These Voices”, a professionally recorded album driven by sharp riffs, melodic choruses and energetic performances.

Despite the guys only being around 30 years of age, they have been playing together since 2009. Their first album was released in 2009 under the band name Fuzz Generation, and at the time, they were were only 15 years old!
But you can hear throughout the solid arrangements and skillful playing that the 5-piece have evolved into a strong unit and while there was some personnel changes they know how to drop some classic hard rock stuff with style.

Musically Føss were more on the heavier spectrum side but now “These Voices” is pretty melodic, with catchy songs to enjoy with a beer at hand. While we can hear a little NWoBHM touches on a couple of songs, it’s proper to file Føss among the current Scandinavian melodic hard rock generation.
Solid band and album, a group to keep an eye on.
Highly Recommended


01 – Metamorphosis of the Subconsiousness
02 – Hear Me Calling
03 – Don’t Shoot the Messenger
04 – Decay
05 – Road Less Traveled
06 – Sound of Isolation
07 – Bring Me The Wine
08 – These Voices

Mikkel Nilssen Nicolaisen – Guitars, Vocals
Adrian Sunde Bjerketvedt – Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Gjerlaugsen – Bass
Jorgen Abrahamsen – Guitars
Trym Eide – Drums



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