EGIL ELDØEN – Welcome Into My Heart [digitally remastered +1] (2022) HQ *Exclusive*

EGIL ELDØEN - Welcome Into My Heart [digitally remastered +1] (2022) HQ *Exclusive* full

Totally out of the blue and for surprise of many AOR and West Coast collectors there is a new reissue label in Norway which seems to have access to almost every Norwegian release from the 70s and 80s. The Eighties solo albums from LAVA singer EGIL ELDØEN are much sought after within the fans of the genre, so it’s a pleasure to have two of them now on CD.
As part of the ‘Norske Albumklassikere 80-tallet’ series here’s 1985’s ”Welcome Into My Heart”, the solo debut album from Eldøen, long time out of print and for the first time fully remastered, including a bonus track. It’s a smooth, balanced remastering providing a crisp sound not destroying the original.
After releasing 1984’s album ‘Fire’ as LAVA frontman, Eldøen wrote many songs which seemed to poppy / Hi-Tech AOR flavored for the Norwegian West Coast gods, so he used these tunes for his first solo album ”Welcome Into My Heart”, which he recorded in Stockholm with Swedish musicians and his band mate Svein Dag Hauge as producer.
”Welcome Into My Heart” was pretty successful in his Norwegian home and reached #7 at the national album charts, with the single ‘We’ll Make It’ (a duet with Anita Skorgan) getting airplay for weeks in Scandinavian radio. The album was nominated for the Spellemann Prize.
Classy stuff for Hi-Tech AOR & Scandi West Coast lovers.

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01 – Watching Eyes
02 – Stand By Me
03 – Welcome Into My Heart
04 – Desire
05 – The Light
06 – We’ll Make It
07 – Don’t Play That Song
08 – Blackout
09 – Watch That Girl
10 – Ready For Rock ‘n Roll
11 – Sweet Romancer [CD only]

Vocals – Egil Eldøen
Guitar – Svein Dag Hauge
Bass – Teddy Walter
Drums, Electronic Drums, Percussion – Per Lindvall
Keyboards, Bass, Synths – Peter Ljung
Synthesizer [PPG Wave 2.3] – Geir Langslet
Backing Vocals – Håkon Iversen, Lena Ericsson, Liza Öhman-Halldén, Per Øystein Sørensen



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