CYANIDE 4 – AmaΛgamA (2022) Fixed

CYANIDE 4 - AmaΛgamA (2022) full

Finally, after 3+ years of preparations and numerous ups and downs due pandemic, ”AmaΛgamA”, the 3rd studio album of CYANIDE 4 is about to be released worldwide after the renewal of the cooperation between the band and reputed American Perris Records.
Melodic sleazy hard rock acts are not only a Swedish exclusivity anymore, as CYANIDE 4 from Greece are labelled as one of the most promising bands from the genre in the current European scene. While CYANIDE 4 stick to the formula of Euro sleaze from their origins, on “AmaΛgamA” the band is much more focused on catchiness adding a slick melodic hard rock approach to the songs. Even their image has changed in favor to a more ‘traditional hard rock look’.
Opener “The Secret Doctrine” is a riotous sleaze uptempo rocker with Crashdiet as reference, spiced with some Crazy Lixx influences. Add some touches of classic Shotgun Messiah, Vain and Hardcore Superstar and you’ll get the picture.


01 – The Secret Doctrine
02 – Warlike Fellow
03 – Perfect Sensation
04 – So in Vain
05 – Bonafide
06 – Tragic Flaw
07 – Alter Ego
08 – Not a Perfect Circle
09 – Redeemer
10 – Uknown Momentum
11 – Barred & Scarred

GA Sinn: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Mitch V .: Bass, Backing Vocals
Adrian Kyp .: Drums, Backing Vocals
Dyan Mair: Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals



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