EDDIE St.JAMES – Streets Cry Freedom [2022 reissue + bonus track]

EDDIE St.JAMES - Streets Cry Freedom [2022 reissue + bonus track] full

American guitarist and songwriter EDDIE St.JAMES has been based in Germany for years. Over the years he’s established himself there with various styles, bands, and releases – from his cult 1989 solo album to being member of bands like DUNMORE, TRANCE and Californian legends LONDON, among others.
Now St.JAMES has signed a deal with Rivet Records / Sony for a new solo album to be released next year, and meanwhile they are reissuing “Streets Cry Freedom” – St.JAMES’ melodic hard rock and socially critical last hard hitting album.
The album features renowned session musicians such as Hagen Grohe (Joe Perry Project), Spencer Sercombe (Michael Schenker / Shark Island), John ‘JR’ Robinson (Michael Jackson David Lee Roth) and others, plus the great Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart) on guest lead vocals on a new 2022 song as bonus track.
As said EDDIE St.JAMES has played for various artists / styles as well, but ”Streets Cry Freedom” kinda marked his return to classic hard rock, guitar driven stuff with an ’80s feeling and very interesting lyrics. Among the track list there’s a tribute to Ronnie J Dio, the song ‘Rainbows & Dragons’.


01 – Streets Cry Freedom
02 – Rat Race
03 – Johnny’s Got His Gun
04 – Shotgun Messiah
05 – Why Should I Believe
06 – Talkin’ Plenty…
07 – Rock & Roll Ain’t Dead
08 – Children of the New Revolution
09 – St.James’-James Bond
10 – Operation Co2
11 – Critical Mass
12 – Monster Under My Bed
13 – Not Your Number
14 – Rainbows & Dragons (in memory of RJD)
BONUS TRACK (new song 2022):
15 – Home Is Where Your Heart Is (feat Michael Bormann)

Eddie St.James: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Mike Leukel (Nathan East / John “JR” Robinson): Keys
Spencer Sercombe (Michael Schenker / Shark Island) : Guitar
Hagen Grohe (Joe Perry Project) : Bass
Bernie Pershey (Walter Trout / Eric Burdon / Edgar Winter): Drums
John ‘JR’ Robinson (Michael Jackson David Lee Roth) : Drums
Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart) : guest Lead Vocals



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