FOZZY – Boombox (2022)

FOZZY - Boombox (2022) full

Since AEW superstar Chris Jericho became musician fronting the band FOZZY there always have been acid comments about his talents or ‘rock credentials’. Well, seems people disagree, as their hit single “Judas” has been certified gold by the RIAA in the United States.
Jericho is a rocker at heart: “Being awarded a GOLD record has been a dream of mine ever since I started listening to The Beatles at nine years old and saw a picture of them getting an award for Beatles VI. Then as I grew older and heard Ozzy talk about his “gold discs” and seeing the walls of Rudolf Schenker’s house plastered with framed Scorpions awards, I set my goals on someday getting one of my own. And for ‘Judas’ to have sold 500,000 units in this day and age, completely blows my mind as a fan and a musician”.
While FOZZY’s rock has a modern edge, the band and especially Chris Jericho influences are ’80s music; as proof there’s a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic song ‘Relax’ into the band’s upcoming album “Boombox“. And a darn good version it is.


01 – Sane
02 – I Still Burn
03 – Purifier
04 – Army Of One
05 – Ugly On The Inside
06 – Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover)
07 – Nowhere To Run
08 – My Great Wall
09 – What Hell Is Like
10 – Omen
11 – The Worst Is Yet To Come
12 – The Vulture Club

Chris Jericho – lead vocals
Rich Ward – lead guitar, keyboards, programming
Billy Grey – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
P. J. Farley – bass, backing vocals
Grant Brooks – drums, backing vocals


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