MOTT (The Hoople) – Shouting & Pointing [Rock Candy remastered]

MOTT (The Hoople) - Shouting & Pointing [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) full

There is no doubt that MOTT (The Hoople) were one of the most influential British rock bands of the ’70s. Just to name one, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott has a cover band honoring Mott and his other project Down ‘n’ Outz is inspired in Mott The Hoople’s sound.
Rock Candy Records has remastered a couple of MOTT albums, a great opportunity to re-discover this influential band. One of these is ”Shouting & Pointing”, one of our favorites.

When Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson quit Mott The Hoople in late 1974, many thought that the band would become just another fondly remembered and well respected entry in the history of rock. Few would have gambled on the remaining band members rising up, dusting themselves down and getting back in the ring ready to fight another day.
Re-tooled under the newly abbreviated moniker of ‘Mott’, the band recruited guitarist Ray Major and super talented yet unknown vocalist Nigel Benjamin, releasing ‘Drive On’, one of the most impressive albums of from the mid-Seventies.

Finding support at all levels, the band reconvened for the follow up album “Shouting & Pointing“, a far more panoramic record which took the original Mott The Hoople blue-print, using it to their advantage, increasing the energy level and constructing songs that utilized ambitious arrangements.

Nigel Benjamin was a real find, a man seemingly without any vocal ceiling who was also a great frontman. Produced by studio legend Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) at the Manor studios in Oxfordshire and mixed by the equally esteemed Bill Price (Sex Pistols, Guns ‘N Roses) the material in “Shouting & Pointing” is both challenging and commercially addictive.
Songs such as ‘Collision Course’, ‘Storm’ and ‘Hold On You’re Crazy’ rock the house but its ‘Career (No Such Thing As Rock And Roll)’ and the title track that construct a vivid picture of the band’s grandiose ambitions.

MOTT (The Hoople) - Shouting & Pointing [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) back cover

It’s very nice to see this – for many – forgotten band resurrected is a remastered form. Unfortunately this Rock Candy reissue has become very hard to find.
Highly Recommended


01 – Shouting And Pointing
02 – Collision Course
03 – Storm
04 – Career (No Such Thing As Rock ‘N’ Roll)
05 – Hold On, You’re Crazy
06 – See You Again
07 – Too Short Arms (I Don’t Care)
08 – Broadside Outcasts
09 – Good Times
10 – Too Short Arms (I Don’t Care) [Remix] (bonus track)

Lead Vocals – Nigel Benjamin
Guitar, Vocals – Ray Major
Keyboards, Vocals – Morgan Fisher
Bass, Vocals – Overend Watts
Drums – Dale Griffin (“Buffin”)


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