LIQUOR SWEET – Self-Titled [Digitally Remastered] (2022) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

LIQUOR SWEET - ST [The Complete 1989-1993 Sessions / Digitally Remastered] (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Specialized reissue label Eonian Records just released the ‘Self-Titled’ released by Hollywood, California ’80s glam / melodic hard rockers LIQUOR SWEET. The CD includes all the songs recorded by the band between 1989/1993 completely remastered, all very good rockers showcasing how the band evolved to a mature hard rock sound.
LIQUOR SWEET originally from Akron/Cleveland, Ohio, was formed in 1988. Soon the band was playing big venues throughout the state and their following continued to expand until they found themselves playing sell-out shows and landing opening slots with national acts such as KIX, House Of Lords, Nitro, Pretty Boy Floyd, Saraya, and countless others.
The band then decided to set its sights on Hollywood, California. They packed their gear and hit the road in their new home, a 62-passenger renovated school bus, which is only the beginning of their story.
Now, more than 30-years later, Eonian Records is releasing this enjoyable 15-track collection from LIQUOR SWEET, a great piece of ’80s Hollywood rock music history.

Originally a cover band, for LIQUOR SWEET to reach their goal of landing a deal, they would need to produce original material – so that is exactly what they did. New songs began to flow, along with a more defined sound and image.
In January 1989, LIQUOR SWEET recorded their first five song demo at Gattusso’s Studio in Canton, Ohio with engineer Christopher Wintrip. The songs ‘I Don’t Need U’, ‘Tip Of The Top’, ‘Laura’, ‘Kandy’, and ‘We Will Rock’ appeared on their very first studio demo.

Eventually they were playing shows locally nearly every night of the week, and the audiences kept growing. Soon the band was playing bigger venues throughout the state, and gatting opening slots with national melodic hard rock acts.
Change within the band soon followed. LIQUOR SWEET later returned to Gattusso’s to record their classic songs ‘Money In The Bank’, ‘Down-N-Dirty’, and ‘Spin Me Like A Top’.
It was then that the band decided to relocate to Hollywood, California, hometown of the Glam/Sleazy Rock-n-Roll scene. They packed their gear and hit the road in their new home, a 62-passenger renovated school bus.

That is when the demanding work began. The five young rockers started passing out thousands of flyers on the Sunset Strip. Gitarist Risky Ryde worked at a print shop owned by C.C. Deville’s (of Poison fame) mother. They used all the overstocked paper for their flyers, like lime green and bright orange, which worked out well because the flyers were bold and stood out.
Their first flyer was designed for shock value, donning (or proclaiming) themselves L.A.’s #1 Sex Toys and containing sexually explicit material and it worked. Their approach quickly made the Hollywood audience stand up and take notice.

They sold out their first show in Hollywood at the famous Roxy Theatre, and soon they were playing all the Sunset Strip venues: The Whisky, Gazzarri’s, The Troubadour, The Central (later known as The Viper Club), and others like The Country Club, FM Station, and The Waters Club.

In December 1990, they were approached by Alex Woltman, a producer and engineer whom after seeing a live performance, liked the band’s sound and songs.
Alex, who had worked with such artists as Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., King Kobra and Lizzy Borden, thought with his guidance and skills he could help the band procure a record deal. With his connections, Alex was able to take the boys into some of Hollywood’s renown studios.
They laid down the drum tracks at Studio 56, then finished the tracking and mixing at Pasha Studios (later renamed Sonic Suites). Two new songs were recorded ‘Kiss Goodbye’ and ‘Take Me Higher’ both highlighting their signature style.

Magazines like Metal Forces, US Rocker, The Patrol, Rock City News, BAM Magazine, Hollywood Rocks, and international publications began giving the band coverage, which helped them sell demos, t-shirts, and promo photos all over the world via mail order from the magazines in which they were featured.

Then in 1992, bass player Christal T. Roxx got an offer from C.C. Deville from Poison, and he elected to join C.C.’s band. Without their bass player, LIQUOR SWEET auditioned a dozen musicians, but could not seem to find the right fit for the band.
Then Risky shared with the band that he would be willing to switch to bass, to which the band agreed.

Once again, LIQUOR SWEET started working on new songs, navigating a new transition, and evolving image. Their makeup was toned down and a sleazier look and heavier sound emerged.
In September 1992, the band went back to Pasha Studios with Alex and recorded three more songs. ‘Liquid Park’, ‘More’, and ‘Nothing At All’ were born – a heavier sound but still recognizably catchy and melodic.
With the band now a 4-piece, they continued to play but still without the record deal they craved. And then in 1993, two more songs ‘Generation’ and ‘Melody’ were recorded at Pasha and mixed at NRG Studios in North Hollywood.

But as it goes for every band, the story of LIQUOR SWEET ended in 1994. Unable to get the record deal they needed to continue, the band members went their separate ways and pursued their own individual projects and interests.
Now, more than 30-years later, Eonian Records is releasing this fine band once again to the public. This CD is must listen for every fan of the melodic hard rock / glammy rock scene from that era.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Tip Of The Top
02 – Kandy
03 – Laura
04 – I Don’t Need U
05 – We Will Rock
06 – Down-N-Dirty
07 – Money In The Bank
08 – Spin Me Like A Top
09 – Kiss Goodbye
10 – Take Me Higher
11 – More
12 – Nothin’ At All
13 – Liquid Park
14 – Generation
15 – Melody

Dave Zavior – Lead Vocals
Rozz Calibur – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Nikko Daniels – Lead & Rhythm Guitar (Tracks 1-5)
Risky Ryde – Lead & Rhythm Guitar (Tracks 6-10) & Bass (Tracks 11-15)
Christal T. Roxx – Bass (Tracks 1-10)
Michael D. – Drums



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