CHAOS MAGIC – Emerge (2022)

CHAOS MAGIC - Emerge (2022) full

Frontiers Music will release next June 17 of the new CHAOS MAGIC album, “Emerge”. Fronted by the mesmerizing Caterina Nix, “Emerge” is another stunning record of symphonic metal with hints of modern melodic metal sewn throughout.
For the new Chaos Magic album “Emerge”, Chilean vocalist Caterina Nix once again collaborated with fellow Chilean musician, singer, and producer Nasson. Their musical chemistry has birthed an album filled with outstanding sympho hymns full of catchy hooks, riffs, and bolstered by Caterina’s stunning vocal performance.
Caterina continues to show increased musical maturity with each new release and “Emerge” is easily her most realized musical offering to date. Her and Nasson’s songwriting partnership has now been running for a few years now and that familiarity with one another’s style shines through on the songs that comprise this album.

Caterina Nix is a superb vocalist from Chile, who was “discovered” by ex – Stratovarius composer and guitarist Timo Tolkki during one of his tours of South America. Timo was supremely confident in Caterina’s musical talent from the start and wrote and produced the first Chaos Magic album for her.
While these two things brought Caterina more to the forefront on the International stage, she had already started her music career with the band Aghonya, who released their first and only album “Oxygen” in 2008. Caterina had written all the lyrics and vocal lines for the album, which was released independently and received rave reviews.

The opening title track is a great way to introduce CHAOS MAGIC to the merely curious. Despite a chorus large enough to flatten Disney’s magic castle, it immediately establishes the gently subversive nature of this band’s superficially textbook sound.
There’s a sharp, futuristic sheen, and just as obvious peers like DELAIN and AMARANTHE have done in the past, CHAOS MAGIC sound emboldened by the shrugging off of cliché.
Elsewhere, frequent bursts of jittery, interstitial electronics, a blistering solo from guitarist Mario Torres and some surprisingly gruesome riffs turn “Days Of Lions” into a darkly tempestuous triumph that feels tethered to both old- and new-school symphonic values.

In contrast, “In The Depth Of Night” is two parts gritty, hard rock rampage to one part slick, AOR-tinged pop banger; while “The Impossible” brings classic prog metal pomp and tranced-out synths together and mould them into something approaching pop-metal perfection.

South America has long had a love affair with heavy music and Chaos Magic’s “Emerge” is a breath of fresh air for the current symphonic metal scene.
Highly Recommended


01 – Emerge
02 – Beneath Your Skin
03 – The Impossible
04 – Garden Of Winter (Feat. Elina Siirala)
05 – Hearts Gone Dark
06 – Beyond The Silence
07 – Days Of Lions
08 – In The Depths Of The Night
09 – Victims Of Our Heaven
10 – When If Not Today
11 – What’s Your Fuel

Caterina Nix – Vocals
Nasson – Bass, Vocals
Mario Torres – Guitar
Mistheria – Keyboards
Carlos Hernandez – Drums
Elina Siirala – Vocals on “Garden of Winter”
Mistheria – Piano on “Garden Of Winter”


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