HELD HOSTAGE (feat Tim Ripper Owens & Joe Lynn Turner on all tracks) – Great American Rock (2022)

HELD HOSTAGE (Tim Ripper Owens & Joe Lynn Turner : all vocals) - Great American Rock (2022) full

Hailing from North Eastern United States, HELD HOSTAGE was founded in 1984 by vocalist / guitarist Tom Collier, and while suffering from some line up changes over the years they keep rocking touring the States.
While on the road they earned their reputation as a self-managed hard-working band with a genuine compassion for those in need, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Veterans and Charity events across the country. Their compassion may be rooted in the many adversities and tragedies the band has endured for the past thirty years.
But Collier keeps the band alive, rock solid as their music heard on their new album “Great American Rock“. This is classic US hard rock, riff driven tunes where renowned ex Judas Priest, now with KK’S Priest shouter Tim Ripper Owens agreed to sing on all songs minus one – legend Joe Lynn Turner performs on closing track ‘Show Me The Way Back Home’.

“This is a band rich in rock n roll history and they bring with them, a great fan base and they feature some rock legends, on their new record. When I first heard the new record Great American Rock, we knew we had to sign them.” said the A&R director of FireRock Music Group, who signed the band for the release of “Great American Rock”.

Tom Collier said about the record: “I wanted to get back to the roots of American Rock n Roll. Being able to bring Tim “Ripper” Owens with us was such a thrill. I produced the album but I have to say, giving Ripper free reign on his vocals and taking suggestions from him, made this record exactly what we call it, Great American Rock. We also take on the issue of suicide of all ages, with our song ‘Rise’. This is a side of Ripper the world has never seen / heard.”


01 – We Rock Hard
02 – Now We Ride Bikers Life
03 – Your Eyes
04 – The Master
05 – Hold on
06 – You Rock Our Way
07 – Take Me Away
08 – Be A Man
09 – Chaos (Live)
10 – Rise (Stop Suicide of all Ages)
11 – Fallen Brothers
12 – Show Me The Way Back Home (feat. Special Guest Joe Lynn Turner)

Tim Ripper Owens – vocals on all tracks except 12
Joe Lynn Turner – vocals on 12
Tom Collier – lead guitar, vocals
Scott Gregg – rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Jeff Murray – drums
Dave Carrol – bass, backup vocals



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