MILES – Riding The Wave (2022)

MILES - Riding The Wave (2022) full

MILES is the solo project of London-based session guitarist, singer and songwriter Adam ‘Miles’ Amer. The music on debut album ”Riding The Wave” is made for the car stereo – top down, sun shining – a love letter to the golden era of FM soft-rock / West Coast AOR plenty soaring harmonies, smooth chord changes and searing guitar solos.
For the album, consisting of originals that sound like a track-list from a 1980 FM radio station, Adam called on the best players in London to create that magic atmosphere from an era when feel-good music ruled the airwaves.
“I wanted to make a record that would fit in between the Eagles and Michael McDonald. Those 70s and 80s records that had all the top LA guys are the favourites in my vinyl collection so I knew if I wanted to listen to it, others would too. We had so much fun making it, playing in different studios, taking our time, experimenting with arrangements and stuff. I listen to it and smile. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.” – says Adam.

The artist has been in the industry for 13 years. He graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and BIMM London (formerly TMS) and has toured the globe playing at some of the world’s highest profile events with stars including Steven Tyler, David Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Smokey Robinson and Reba Macintyre.

At the start of the pandemic, Miles sat down to focus on original material, the result featuring a host of top London session players including Jon Cox on bass (Ed Sheeran), Joe Glossop on Hammond organ (Tom Jones), and Seb Hankins on drums (Ray Davies).

“Riding The Wave” is an excellent album that convinces with joy of playing, catchy harmonies, a great production and true passion for classic West Coast music, that indeed sounds like it was recorded in 1980.
We hope to hear more from Miles in the near future.
A treat for fans of the genre.
Highly Recommended


01 – Riding the Wave
02 – Let’s Start Over
03 – Falling in Love
04 – Never Too Late
05 – Lay You Down
06 – Need You Now
07 – Bye Bye Baby
08 – The Fool

Lead vocals, guitars and keys: Adam Amer
Drums and percussion: Seb Hankins
Bass: Jon Cox
Hammond organ: Joe Glossop
Lead vocals (4): Pete Morris
Horns: Hooligan Horns



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