SHE BITES – Super Hero (2022)

SHE BITES - Super Hero (2022) full

SHE BITES, the brainchild of guitarist Lars König (LIONCAGE, ex SKYLINE) released a welcomed debut album in 2020 and now returns with the sophomore melodious and rocking release titled “Super Hero“. Over the last two years König wrote and polish 12 new songs together with the band’s drummer Carsten Kohl (THREE WISHES).
And this SHE BITES 2022 features new singer Marion Welch who shines with her soulful but nevertheless rocky voice. Welch in the past has worked with rock heavy-weights such as Bobby Kimball (ex TOTO) and Bill Champlin (CHICAGO) amongst others and is the perfect fit for SHE BITES‘ sound of today. Dan Reed of DAN REED NETWORK supplied some stellar vocals for the duet on the ballad ‘True Love’.
With ”Super Hero” SHE BITES offers the right Summer soundtrack album, catchy commercial songs with an ’80s spirit yer modern, energetic production sound.

Welch exudes quality, being able to sing aggressively when hard rock is present as in “Eye Of The Storm”, and also with a very soft and attractive voice when the quieter moments arrive.
Although most of the songs hard rock oriented, we will find some touches of poppy melodic rock, which work very well on songs like “Hunter”, with its detailed guitar riff, or “Never Ending Story”, where the use of keyboards increases in intensity until reaching the chorus where Welch unleashes her fury.

In “True Love” we are pleased to hear Dan Reed in a duet, it’s one of those ballads that makes you want to press repeat over and over again. “Holy Ground” and “Ghost” are powerful rockers, while “Out In The Open” sounds more relaxed without losing the punch of the rest of the songs.
Highly Recommended


1. Eye of the Storm
2. Little Song
3. Hunter
4. Running
5. Never Ending Story
6. True Love
7. Crazy
8. Super Hero
9. Holy Ground
10. Ghost
11. Out in the Open
12. Say It

Lars König (LIONCAGE, ex SKYLINE) – guitars
Carsten Kohl (THREE WISHES) – drums
Arvid Lucas (LIONCAGE) – bass guitar
Marion Welch (BOBBY KIMBALL band) – lead vocals
Dan Reed (DAN REED NETWORK) – guest vocals


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