SINNER – Brotherhood (2022)

SINNER - Brotherhood (2022) full

Brotherhood” is the upcoming 20th studio album by German hard n’ heavy outfit SINNER formed in the ’80s by vocalist and bassist Mat Sinner. Self-produced and mixed/mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, among others), it is a record that carries the band’s internal brotherhood under its heart as much as the brotherhood of the worldwide classic metal following. ‘We belong together – and this album is meant to express that,’ says Sinner.
It all started in the ’80s when Sinner debuted with ‘Wild’n’Evil’. Slowly and steadily Mat Sinner and his band built up a solid fan base with albums like ‘Touch of Sin’ and ‘Comin’ Out Fighting’ that made the group known beyond the borders of their home country. Even though many other projects took up space in his busy schedule, Mat Sinner was always able to find time for Sinner.
What also makes ”Brotherhood” a very interesting album is the list of guest vocalists Mat Sinner could win for the new record. Ralf Scheepers, Ronnie Romero, Tom Englund, Oliver Palotai and Dave Ingram, all contributed to the class of this album.

With the previous album ‘Santa Muerte’ the band went on new paths. Female vocals and a strong Thin Lizzy influence characterized the album. The new album ‘Brotherhood’ is some kind of a back to the roots without Sinner copying themselves.
Classic melodic metal is again more in the foreground and the songs on ‘Brotherhood’ sound more edgy and groovy. It is the title track that creates immediate clarity here and what concerns the following ‘We Came to Rock’ it is evident that Sinner is back to more Eighties styled hard n’ heavy.

Heavy, but slower is ‘Refuse to Surrender ‘. Here the driving rhythm and the powerful guitars give the song its punch. Headbanging is the order of the day with such smashers as ‘The Rocker Rides Away’, while the midpaced and darker ‘The Last Generation’ shows the entire spectrum of Sinner in 2022.

”Brotherhood” is more than just a new album from Sinner. It is a statement that the flame is still alive, a musical plea for cohesion and mutual support.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bulletproof
02 – We Came To Rock
03 – Reach Out
04 – Brotherhood
05 – Refuse To Surrender
06 – The Last Generation
07 – Gravity
08 – The Man They Couldn’t Hang
09 – The Rocker Rides Away
10 – My Scars
11 – 40 Days 40 Nights

Mat Sinner – vocals, bass
Tom Naumann – guitars
Alex Scholpp – guitars
Markus Kullmann – drums
guest vocals:
Ralf Scheepers, Ronnie Romero, Tom Englund, Oliver Palotai, Dave Ingram


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