The Lost UK Jewels Collectors Series Vol.24 : FLIGHT 19 – Something We Did… (1985-1992) [2022] *HQ*

The Lost UK Jewels Collectors Series Vol.24 : FLIGHT 19 - Something We Did... (1985-1992) [2022] full

As part of the treasurable ‘Lost UK Jewels’ series, here’s the just released Vol.24 : FLIGHT 19 – Something We Did… (1985-1992). Put together in Sheffield, UK, during 1984 by Nigel Ward (Bass) and Gary Flounders (Keyboards, Guitar), FLIGHT 19 has been aided and promoted – since the beginning – by worldwide popular Rock-D.J. Neal Kay, main protagonist in the ground-breaking New Wave Of British Heavy Metal genre (Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis & more bands worked with him).
Having disposal of a pro rehearsal and recording studio in London, FLIGHT 19 took full advantage and crafted numerous slabs of perfectly formed AOR-songs, in the vein of RIO, STRANGEWAYS, DARE and YAYA. With two brilliant singers like Mark Thompson Smith and Noel Fraser (STRUTZ, A.O.K.) aboard, the band recorded 12 incredible AOR / Melodic Rock songs during the 1989-1992 time-frame.
Now all these recordings are compiled under the title ”The Lost UK Jewels Collectors Series Vol.24 : FLIGHT 19 – Something We Did… (1985-1992)” completely remastered (very good sound) taken directly from the original DAT tapes, carefully transferred on to digital by founding members Gary Flounders and Nigel Ward.

FLIGHT 19 is probably one of the greatest rock bands of their time, one that was cruelly ignored by the industry. They deserve all the accolades that come their way, their success today is as deserved as it should have been back then. I still wish them the greatest success that their longevity deserves. I’m proud to say that both Gary and Nigel are amongst some of the greatest of friends to me, even to this very day.” said NEAL KAY – Rock DJ / Creator of the “Heavy Metal Soundhouse” nights in London, 1979 / H.M. prime mover with Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis.

Limited to 500 copies, almost sold out now. Hurry up!
Highly Recommended (contributors get the album today)

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01. Head Over Heels
02. Promised Land
03. Leonie
04. Flame
05. Nothing But A Loser
06. Liar
07. Don’t Shine The Light
08. Strangers
09. F 19 (instrumental)
10. No Rest For The Wicked
11. Take Me Away
12. In This World

Mark Thompson-Smith, Noel Fraser: Lead Vocals
Nigel Ward: Bass, Programming
Gary Flounders: Keyboards, Guitar
Mark Smith: Guitar
Andrew Laurie: Drums
Noel Frazer: Backing Vocals



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  1. thainsdad says:

    Unfortunately no longer available to buy.

    • Michael says:

      Those Lost UK/US Jewels titles always seem to sell-out very quickly and become instant Collector’s Items.

  2. evo says:

    great band !!!

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