KING’S X – Three Sides Of One (2022)

KING'S X - Three Sides Of One (2022) - full

And one day it happened… KING’S X, the legendary rock trio featuring dUg Pinnick, Jerry Gaskill, and Ty Tabor are back with “Three Sides Of One” the group’s first album of new material in 14 years. This is the longest gap between two studio albums in their career, but well worth the wait!
While work on ”Three Sides Of One” began as early as 2010, years of slow progress had ensued due to each member of the band focusing on his respective solo or side projects. The album’s progress was also sidelined by health issues involving the members, with drummer Gaskill suffering a heart attack on two occasions, and Pinnick diagnosed with a lymph node infection.
By 2015, Gaskill and Pinnick had recovered from their respective health issues, and they started to work on this new CD. The trio sounds energetic, like revitalized.
The marvel of “Three Sides of One” is that you get the three unique talents converging into one glorious sound. They’re different, but the same. Kinda like the Holy Trinity. The new album is mysterious, magical. And the band is somehow still with us despite coming through many trials, tribulation and tears.


01 – Let It Rain
02 – Flood, Pt. 1
03 – Nothing But the Truth
04 – Give It Up
05 – All God’s Children
06 – Take the Time
07 – Festival
08 – Swipe Up
09 – Holidays
10 – Watcher
11 – She Called Me Home
12 – Every Everywhere

dUg Pinnick – bass, lead vocals
Ty Tabor – guitar, vocals
Jerry Gaskill – drums, vocals


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