STATUS QUO – Quo’ing In: The Best Of The Noughties [Hits, Rarities and New Recordings] (2022)

STATUS QUO - Quo'ing In: The Best Of The Noughties - full

Next weekend STATUS QUO will release “Quo’ing In – The Best Of The Noughties“, an era-spanning compilation taking in their greatest hits from the band’s output thus far in the new millennium, which includes 5 Top Ten studio albums, and many fan favorites. Along with this news comes the release of the first single
As well as all of the key tracks from this important era of the band’s career, the collection includes brand new and never before available 2022 studio versions of the classics “Rockin’ All Over The World”, “Caroline”, “Paper Plane” and the aforementioned “Caroline”, plus brand new 2022 studio “Out Out Quoin’ Remixes” of live favorites “Backbone” and “Cut Me Some Slack”.

Like for all bands with a career spanning five decades, the new songs always had to “fight” against the power of the old hits. This compilation shows how many great songs Status Quo have recorded in each of their recent albums.
Songs like the rare “It’s Christmas Time” appear on a Status Quo album for the very first time. It’s the inclusion of these rarities that truly make ”Quo’ing In – The Best of the Noughties” a must-have for all the most loyal fans, as well as a product of great interest for all the long-time Status Quo followers who want to enjoy the best of the last two decades plus rarities by one of the greatest British rock bands of all time.

“Coming into the Noughties, we were under pressure,” says Francis Rossi. “Struggling to maintain our place at the top table and, in a way, weighed down by what had gone before. This was a time of change and the band that recorded ‘Heavy Traffic’ is different to the one that laid down ‘Backbone’, but what did not change was the passion, energy, and desire to build on what had gone before.
The fact that so many of the songs fitted into the live sets along the way is testimony to their strength. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I don’t deal in nostalgia, but I do think that what STATUS QUO achieved during this twenty-year period — in the face of challenges that none of us could have predicted we’d have to deal with — is worth celebrating.”
Highly Recommended


1. Backbone (Out Out Quoin’ Mix 2022)*
2. Looking Out For Caroline
3. Two Way Traffic
4. In The Army Now (2010 Studio Version)
5. Beginning Of The End
6. Round And Round
7. Rock ‘n‘ Roll ‘n‘ You
8. Raining In My Heart feat. Brian May
9. Liberty Lane
10. Jam Side Down
11. Running Inside My Head
12. Electric Arena
13. Twenty Wild Horses
14. Blues And Rhythm
15. Gotta Get Up And Go
16. The Way It Goes
17. Bula Bula Quo – Kua Ni Lega


1. Caroline (2022 Studio Version)**
2. Paper Plane (2022 Studio Version)**
3. Rockin’ All Over The World (2022 Studio Version)**
4. Face The Music*** (7” single, A-Side)
5. Cut Me Some Slack (Out Out Quoin’ Mix 2022)*
6. The Party Ain’t Over Yet (Single Mix)***
7. Fun Fun Fun – with The Beach Boys
8. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Aquostic Studio Version)
9. That’s A Fact (Aquostic Studio Version)
10. I’m Not Ready***
11. Tilting At The Mill***
12. I’m Watching Over You***
13. Mortified***
14. Temporary Friend***
15. I’ll Never Get Over You***
16. Live Medley***
17. Down Down (Aquostic Studio Version)
18. It’s Christmas Time ***

*New 2022 Mix
**New 2022 Studio Recording
***Rare recordings previously only available as single or on limited editions


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