STEAMHAMMER – Wailing Again (2022)

STEAMHAMMER - Wailing Again (2022) full

British blues-rock band STEAMHAMMER was formed at the end of 1968, with their first album ‘Reflections’ (AKA ‘Junior’s Wailing’) released in 1969. After some line up changes including drummer Mick Bradley, the band released a more experimental second LP ‘Mk. II’ the same year.
Third effort ‘Mountains’ followed in 1970, which was a returning to the blues-rock of the first album. STEAMHAMMER, recorded ‘Speech’ in 1971, their last album, released posthumously, after Bradley’s death in 1972.

Now, exactly 50 years after the release of ‘Speech’, STEAMHAMMER will release a new album, “Wailing Again“, featuring founding members Martin Pugh (guitars) and Pete Sears (bass, keys & background vocals).
Sears played piano for Rod Stewart on his four early classic recordings and was member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987, while Pugh also played on Rod Stewart’s first LP, with Ron Wood, Mickey Waller, Martin Quittenton and Keith Emerson.

So the quality of these musicians can’t be denied, and they are in top form 2022, including Manfred Mann’s Earth Band drummer John Lingwood, and powerful singer Phil Colombatto.
“Wailing Again” is a delicious pure Classic Rock album: not only the songs are great, but are performed & produced as it should be: clean, clear, no studio trickery, from the heart. Fans of classic-era Uriah Heep, early Deep Purple, Mott, etc, need to check out this CD.


01 – I Wouldn’t Have Thought
02 – High Low Jick Jack Johnny
03 – Fool For You
04 – Wailing Once Again
05 – Midnight Blues Train
06 – Man In The Blue Suede Shoes (Megan’s Song)
07 – Twenty Four Hours
08 – Junior’s Wailing (21st Century Version)

Martin Pugh (guitars)
Pete Sears (bass, keys, background vocals)
John Lingwood (drums)
Phil Colombatto (vocals, harmonica)



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  1. bodhi heeren says:

    Steamhammer was/is a criminally underrated band. And great that Martin Pugh is still playing. Have to say though that Pete Sears never was a member of the original band.

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