MERE MORTALS – Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt [1986] (remastered 2022)

MERE MORTALS - Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt [1986] (remastered 2022) - full

MERE MORTALS‘ origins would begin as an enigmatic progressive hard rock band on the Upstate New York club circuit named LUFTWAFFE. It was the mid-Eighties, and leader / main songwriter Robert Acquaviva (later guitarist for melodic hard rockers TOURIS) decided to take the band in a new, more adult-oriented rock direction, focusing on keyboard-driven songs with catchy hooks and harmonies. Keeping with the same line-up, the band would change their name to MERE MORTALS.
MERE MORTALS would waste no time heading into the studio to begin laying down tracks. One of the first songs recorded would be a cover of the infamous Benny Mardones hit ‘Into The Night’. As the writing continued, the addition of a keyboardist into the band would increase the AOR caliber of their material.
The first MERE MORTALS album was titled “Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt” (a Latin phrase meaning Everything Lies Veiled In Numbers) appeared in 1986, a private LP vinyl release, for years much sought after by collectors.
Now after decades finally the album is being reissued / remastered 2022.

Hailing from Deerfield, NY, MERE MORTALS, where one of the many melodic rock acts from the effervescent local scene, not only California produced quality bands at the time.
“Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt” delivered the single ‘Laura’, which together with their Mardones cover of ‘Into the Night’ would receive much regional radio airplay that helped to create a buzz for MERE MORTALS.
Musically the album is pretty urgent and melodic, classic American melodic rock from the era with AOR touches. In fact the tracks are demos recorded by the band on a budget.
Current 2022 remastering technology help to make the songs sound much better, however keep in mind production here was pretty raw.

It’s very cool to hear again this lost 1986 private release (got a home-made cassette copy back in the day) now with a fine sound quality. MERE MORTALS had a lot of potential, and while they managed to release another indie LP the next year, soon disbanded de to internal affairs.
Highly Recommended ’80s stuff.

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01 – With You, Without You
02 – Laura
03 – Into the Night
04 – I’ll Be There
05 – Once in A Lifetime
06 – Hero
07 – Love is Real
08 – Always Gone Want You
09 – Lost inside of You
10 – Touched by the Son

David Paul Slife – lead vocals
Bob Francis Acquaviva – guitar, vocals
Vince Cavo – keyboards, vocals
Paul St. James – bass
Tony Stone – drums



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