NILVER PEREZ – Living In Desire (2022)

NILVER PEREZ - Living In Desire (2022) - full

Mastermind of classic AORsters REVLIN PROJECT, songwriter & keyboardist NILVER PEREZ is involved on many projects collaborating with big names from the genre, and it’s time for his solo album titled “Living In Desire“, featuring a lot of friends from the scene such as singers Rodrigo Marenna (Marenna), Ed Carabantes (from melodic rockers Hunter), drummer Christian Sundell (Grand Illusion, Promotion), bass player Ken Sandin (Alien, Da Vinci) just to mention a few.
Of course the music into “Living In Desire” is rooted in classic AOR / melodic rock, rich in melodies, catchy choruses, keyboard / synths, and a very strong selection of vocalists providing variation. Musically, and especially production sound is in the vein of Lionville, Wild Rose, Drive She Said, of course Revlin, etc.
Highly Recommended


01 – Breaking the Cycle
02 – We Belong to the Stars
03 – Secret
04 – Keep the Dreams Alive
05 – For Tonight
06 – Living in Desire
07 – Our Voice Inside
08 – Point of View
09 – Bring Me Back to Life
10 – Hard to Say Goodbye
11 – Trust in Love Again
12 – Phoenix Rising

Daniel Vargas – Lead Vocals on”Breaking The Cycle”
Fabio Cabral – Lead Vocals on”We Belong To The Stars”
Caroline Breiter – Lead Vocals on “Secret”
Ricardo DeStefano – Lead Vocals on “Keep The Dreams Alive”
Renato Costa – Lead Vocals on “For Tonight”
Ed Carabantes – Lead Vocals on “Living In Desire”
Harold Waller – Lead Vocals on “Our Voice Inside”
Carlos Nigro – Lead Vocals on ‘Point Of View”
Rodrigo Marenna – Lead Vocals on “Bring Me Back To Life”
Paulo Hernandez – Lead Vocals on “Hard To Say Goodbay”
Charly Lopez – Lead Vocals on ‘Trust In Love Again”
Leo Baldan – Lead Vocals and Drums on “Phoenix Rising”

Niko Delgado – Guitars
Pablo Nogueira – Guitars
Pepe Irei – Guitars
Frank Barreda – Guitars
Fran Alonso – Guitars
Rodrigo Bugallo – Guitars
Tiago Fusco – Guitars
Joss Rios – Guitars
Vito Rodrigues – Guitars
Alex Meister – Guitars

Agustin Barbis – Bass
Anderson Sherman – Bass
Ken Sandin – Bass
Leandro Moretti – Bass

Leo Baldan – Drums
Christian Sundell – Drums

Rane Oliveira – Backing Vocals
Gigolette – Backing Vocals
Adolfo Gazzo – Backing Vocals



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