STEEL BREEZE – Can’t Let Go (2023)

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print - full

Harmony Records is releasing today “Can’t Let Go“, a compilation of Sacramento, CA melodic rock / AOR Eighties band STEEL BREEZE. The album feature standalone singles only released as 7” vinyl, rarities and demos recorded during the ’80s, all with very good sound quality.
The band hit the American Top 40 charts with “You Don’t Want Me Anymore” and “Dreamin’ Is Easy” in 1982 and 1983, both from the band’s debut album ‘Steel Breeze’, produced by Kim Fowley. While STEEL BREEZE didn’t make it big after that, they continued recording material and releasing singles.
Among the very enjoyable songs the title track appeared in 1980 as single, ‘Temptation Eyes’ and ‘Never Again’ in 1983 as part of their second LP (here we have the single version), ‘No More Promises’ in 1984, and there’s more tracks taped later.
This is pure ’80s US melodic rock with AOR waves with that unrepeatable sound and magic.


01 – Try a Little Harder
02 – Heart on the Line
03 – No More Promises
04 – Never Too Late
05 – Survivor
06 – Easy Way Out
07 – Hard to Get
08 – Can’t Let Go
09 – I’m Here
10 – Temptation Eyes
11 – Communication
12 – I’ve Waited a Lifetime
13 – Never Again
14 – I Remember
15 – Where Is the Love

Kevin Chalfant, Ric Jacobs – vocals
Ken Goorabian – guitar
Rod Toner – keys
Vinnie Pantaleoni – bass
Barry Lowenthal – drums



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