RATTLESHAKE – RattleShake ’89 (Eonian Records / Previously Unreleased) *HQ*

RATTLESHAKE - RattleShake '89 (Eonian Records / Previously Unreleased)  lossless

RATTLESHAKE was a San Fransisco Bay Area band with their eyes on the hair metal prize that emerged on the scene when unfortunately it was too late for any band with some kind of showmanship to make an impact, and suffered the infamous Wrath of Seattle.
In 1989, they got into the Bay View Studios, Richmond, to record part of their material, produced by Rob Beaton (Guns ‘N Roses, Sammy Hagar, Santana). But all these professional studio takes remained unreleased until Eonian Records finally released this gem.
Rattleshake” includes seven straight ’80s melodic hard rock tunes with big, gang styled backing vocals, the right amount of hooks, a rhythmic back bone that pushes the band express forward, and some serious axe slinging from the duo of Freseman and Longo. Singer Don McBee has a raspy style sounding not unlike a mix between Jeff Keith (Tesla), Drew Hannah (Wildside) and Steven DeLong (Sweet FA).
So expect to hear in “Rattleshake” the classic elements and sound of the late Eighties, very well composed, performed and produced.

“Shootin’ Whiskey” leads the album and is a steroid fueled, high octane hard rockin’ party tune complete with cowbell. They remind me the greats Roxy Blue here.
Up next are the Tesla flavoured “Gypsy Queen” featuring addictive choruses, while on “Take Me Down” a bluesy swagger presents itself and leads the guys into Great White territory.
“Mudbone Delight” continues on the bluesy trail but only as foundation, as sonically is a whiskey soaked rocker with acoustics ala Cinderella. One of the best tracks on the CD.

The band crank it up a little more with the seductive and bouncy “Jump On Me” before settling into the laidback atmosphere of the ballad “Never Say Goodbye” that ticks all the boxes of what a great ’80s styled love song should have.
The fun “Rattleshake Boogie” closes the whole affair down with a catchy rhythm and a guitar festival.

Unlike many of their colleagues, the guys in Rattleshake remain modest about their travels on the rock ’n roll path to fame & glory, admitting that the band never came close to making it into the big league.
But if they had been given the chance to spread their music to a wider audience back in the day I’m sure many of you would gladly haver parted with your hard earned cash to purchase a copy of this CD.
And if you’re reading this there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the exact same thing now that it’s out after several decades recorded.
Great band, great songs, and a fine representative of that history.
Highly Recommended


01 – Shootin’ Whiskey
02 – Gypsy Queen
03 – Take Me Down
04 – Mudbone Delight
05 – Jump On Me
06 – Never Say Goodbye
07 – Rattleshake Boogie

Don McBee: Lead Vocals
Mark Freseman: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ralph Longo: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bryan Lujan: Bass & Backing Vocals
Steve Fletcher: Drums & Vocals



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