ARGI (feat David A Saylor, Rod Marenna, Marc Quee) – Dare To Dream (2021) + 0dayrox Extra *HQ*

ARGI (feat David A Saylor, Rod Marenna, Marc Quee) - Dare To Dream (2021) + 0dayrox Extra - lossless full

If there’s one thing that’s certainly a blessing when it comes to the modern era, it’s the easy access to recording gear and the Internet being a massive promotional tool for the artists. These two combined enable the young musicians to finally leave the trends and opportunism behind and draw inspiration from whatever era in music ignites a spark in them.
That’s exactly the case of Dani Argiles – this Spanish guitar player might have been born in the ‘90s, but it’s the ‘80s AOR/Melodic Rock influence that fuels a debut EP of his project ARGI.

On “Dare To Dream” Argiles has created a wonderful collection of songs carefully crafted with all the magic and sound from ’80s AOR, featuring the vocals of the late David A. Saylor (Wild Rose, Push UK), Rod Marenna (Marenna), drummer Jose Pereira (Danger), Haris Patsos (Wild Rose) on keyboards, and more.
As extra, we feature the advanced single of ARGI upcoming album, featuring Marc Quee on lead vocals.
Great stuff that brings back the pure spirit of the 80s.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Runaway Love
02 – Crying With Joy
03 – Start Living
04 – Daydream
05 – Nothing To Lose
0dayrox extra, new track 2023:
06 – Cheers to Life [feat Marc Quee on lead vocals]

♦ Dani Argiles – Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
♦ David A Saylor R.I.P. (PUSH UK, WILD ROSE, ZHENX) – Lead & Backing Vocals
♦ Rod Marenna (MARENNA) – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
♦ Pablo Gaba – Bass
♦ José A.Pereira (DANGER, SAVIA, JORGE SALAN) – Drums
♦ Haris Patsos (WILD ROSE) – Keyboards
♦ Rafa Hernández – Keyboards
♦ Marc Quee (PINK ROSE, MARC QUEE) – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
♦ Gerard Colt – Drums



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