MAYDAY – Revenge [Rock Candy remastered / First Time on CD]

MAYDAY - Revenge [Rock Candy remastered / First Time on CD] (2016) full

Alongside MAYDAY‘s self-titled debut, Rock Candy Records has also released the second album from the band titled “Revenge“, remastered and for the first time on CD.
New York City has, over the years, been home to a number of great Rock acts, but during the early ’80s it was fast losing ground to its west coast geographical rival, Los Angeles. NYC, for all its bravado, was actually more in love with the burgeoning alternative and power pop scene, scratch below the surface though and you could find several hard rock acts storming through, sticking bravely to a diet of tough-guy guitar work and well written melodic songs.
Step forward Mayday, one such example of the city’s melodic hard rock counter movement.

Mayday’s debut album released via the well respected A&M label certainly put the band on the map, helping to earmark them as an outfit to watch.
The label’s belief carried forward to the recording of their second album, albeit with a slightly revised line up but still retaining key member’s; vocalist Steve Johnstad and guitarist Randy Fredrix – the dynamic duo’s creativity reaching a new level of confidence.

Appeared in 1982, “Revenge” showcases the band sharpening their approach and toughening up their chops, but without sacrificing a well honed sense of melody and execution. It’s all credit to the band that some of the songs showcase quirky twists that help to elevate them beyond the competition and lend a contemporary sheen to their sound.

This resulted in a varied album, ranging from Pompy AOR numbers such as title track ‘Revenge’ (easily sporting the most catchy chorus on the album with a Journey / Aldo Nova feel) to bruising hard rockers like ‘Crusin’
‘First Impressions’ has a melodic rock heart with a radio-ready melody, ‘Middle Of The Night’ adds a classic rock touch, ‘Mystery’ bring to mind Journey midtempo songs, then ‘This Girl’s On Fire’ has an early Loverboy-like rhythm yet more edgy.
Randy Fredrix takes the mic for lead vocals on a couple of songs providing additional variation, although his style in an Ace Frehley vein is exactly not my cup of tea.

If Mayday’s first album was a rarity, this second effort “Revenge” became even more hard to find. Kudos to Rock Candy for not only remaster / reissue major bands and albums, but also rarities and obscurities like this Mayday album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Revenge
02 – First Impressions
03 – Middle of the Night
04 – Cherry
05 – Ready or Not
06 – Mystery
07 – Identity
08 – Crusin’
09 – This Girl’s on Fire

Steve Johnstad: vocals
Randy Fredrix: guitars, lead vocals on 4/5
Charles Mass: bass, backing vocals
Danny Shmitt: drums



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