WINGER – The Complete Atlantic Recordings [Wounded Bird remaster +5] (2019)

WINGER - The Complete Atlantic Recordings [Wounded Bird remaster +5] (2019) - full

This Wounded Bird Records release “The Complete Atlantic Recordings” comprises WINGER’s first 3 albums in 2 CD’s, including 5 bonus tracks. ‘Winger’ and ‘In The Heart Of The Young’ are on Disc 1 – ‘ITHOTY’ continues from CD1 on to CD2 – while Disc 2 is completed with ‘Pull’ plus the bonus.
The package features the Wounded Bird Records own remaster with their usual ‘not brickwalled’ treatment which is nice. Additionally, with the original standalone physical copies of ‘Pull’ becoming hard to find this is a worthwhile purchase.
It’s cool to have the bonus tracks as well, from all 3 albums B-sides, Japan edition bonus, etc.
Highly Recommended


1. Madalaine
2. Hungry
3. Seventeen
4. Without the Night
5. Purple Haze
6. State of Emergency
7. Time to Surrender
8. Poison Angel
9. Hangin on
10. Headed for a Heartbreak
11. Can’t Get Enough
12. Loosen Up
13. Miles Away
14. Easy Come Easy Go
15. Rainbow in the Rose
16. In the Day We’ll Never See
17. Under One Condition
18. Little Dirty Blonde

1. Baptized By Fire
2. You Are the Saint, I Am the Sinner
3. In the Heart of the Young
4. Blind Revolution
5. Down Incognito
6. Spell I’m Under
7. In My Veins
8. Junkyard Dog (Tears on Stone)
9. The Lucky One
10. In for the Kill
11. No Man’s Land
12. Like a Ritual
13. Who’s the One
14. Higher and Higher
15. All I Ever Wanted
16. Easy Come Easy Go (Remix)
17. Headed for a Heartbreak (’91 Version-Remix)
18. Never



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