CHICAGO – Twenty 1 [Full Original Ron Nevison Mix 1990] [Unreleased] *Exclusive*

CHICAGO - Twenty 1 [Full Original Ron Nevison Mix 1990] [Unreleased] *Exclusive* - full

As requested, here’s the original version / mix – never released – of CHICAGO 1990’s album ”Twenty 1”. There’s an interesting story behind “Twenty 1″, the album officially in 1991.
Originally the record was produced, engineered and mixed by one of the best ’80s producer in rock & pop history; Ron Nevison. But at the eleventh hour, the project was handed to Humberto Gatica to re-mix. The record company was looking for a less ‘rock’ sound in favor of a more poppy, Adult Contemporary sound.
This original ”Twenty 1 [Full Original Ron Nevison Mix 1990]” was made available among collectors and Chicago fans by Nevison himself, because he was shocked about what Gatica did with the re-mix.
Nevison said: “Gatica ruined it. Took all the ‘real’ drums off, put in these soft samples — I mean, this is a fucking rock band. He took carefully nurtured songs and put stupid treatments on the vocals — like on “You Come to My Senses,” they’re swimming in all sorts of phasers and flangers. My God, I was shocked! They also re-ordered the track list in a wrong way. I’m not surprised the album didn’t sold well. It all would have worked if they’d left it alone. I promise you.”
There’s noticeable differences between this unreleased Nevison original mix and the one finally released.
This Nevison mix sounds like true Chicago, like ’17’, ’18’ or ’19, more clear, without all those echoes and voice effects, more real, more in-your-face, more natural.

As examples, Gatica changed the real snare drum on ‘Somebody, Somewhere’ and ‘One From The Heart’ for obviously programmed drums, sounding colder. On ”You Come to My Senses” added weird a flanger effect on the vocals during the verses, and perhaps the most radical change is the replacement of the rocking intro of ‘God Save The Queen’ with a horn arrangement.

The final, Gatica remix approved by the record label isn’t bad for an AC band, but with Chicago I prefer a more traditional – real drums, sharper guitars, natural vocals – sound.
Additionally, this early Ron Nevison version – remember, this is a professional, finished product – there’s a song titled ‘Secrets Of The Heart’ which was discarded for the final track list, and we have a demo for the ‘Love Is Forever’ taped during the ”Twenty 1 sessions”, also an outtake.

This original mix of “Twenty 1” is a perfect example on how a sound engineer is able to completely change a recording and benefit or ruin a band / album. This happened to many bands / artists in the past when they disn’t have the control of their art until the product was finished.
Well, in this case it isn’t that terrible, as the Gatica final version isn’t bad at all.
But we largely prefer this original, more ‘real Chicago’ mix.

A collectible rarity, and at the same time good music.
Highly Recommended


01 – If It Were You
02 – Chasin’ The Wind
03 – Who Do You Love
04 – You Come To My Senses
05 – One From The Heart
06 – What Does It Take
07 – Holdin’ On
08 – God Save The Queen
09 – Man To Woman
10 – Only Time Can Heal The Wounded
11 – Secrets Of The Heart (unreleased)
12 – Somebody, Somewhere
13 – Love Is Forever (Twenty 1 sessions Demo) [bonus]

Bill Champlin – keyboards, lead & background vocals
Robert Lamm – keyboards, lead & background vocals
Jason Scheff – bass, lead & background vocals
Dawayne Bailey – guitars, background vocals
Tris Imboden – drums, percussion
Lee Loughnane – trumpet, flugelhorn, background vocals
James Pankow – trombone, background vocals
Walter Parazaider – woodwinds, background vocals

Additional personnel
John Keane – drums, percussion
Robbie Buchanan, Tom Keane, Efrain Toro – keyboards
Steve Porcaro – keyboard programming
David Foster – acoustic piano
Michael Landau – guitar
Stephen “Doc” Kupka – baritone sax



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  1. O says:

    Wow thanks – this is super rare. I’ve seen it circulating on one website.

  2. riverguitar says:

    I’ve been trying to find this for almost 3 years! All links are dead everywhere else so this is a true gem. Thanks so much 🙂

    Is there a lossless option as well for this?

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