ELLES BAILEY – Shining in the Half Light [Deluxe Edition +9] (2023)

ELLES BAILEY - Shining in the Half Light [Deluxe Edition +9] (2023) - full

Award-winning British blues rocker ELLES BAILEY is releasing ”Shining in the Half Light [Deluxe Edition +9]”, an expanded version of her most recent, past year album, which nearly doubles the amount of songs on the original album. What was a ten-track record is now 19 songs in length and includes two new originals, two covers, and five live tracks.
Classic Rock fans were clamoring for an enlarged version of the record that included live recordings of some of the tunes and Bailey decided to deliver the goods and then some. She assembled the original ”Shining in the Half Light” crew in the same room for the very first time at The Pool Studios in London and tracked five songs live. Bailey then took her cracking band to Middle Farm Studios in Devon and cut two new originals and a pair of covers live to tape, which was a new experience for the high-powered vocalist.
Elles Bailey is a smoky-voiced, dynamic recording artist who has risen to the top of the British roots and blues scene in the last few years, and quickly become one of Europe’s most popular contemporary blues rock artists.
”Shining in the Half Light [Deluxe Edition +9]” is instanly likeable pop-rock infused blues-rock, with irresistible hooks and a clean polished production. On the new tracks, especially these ‘live into the studio’, Elles and her band showcases a rawer feeling.

”Shining in the Half Light” was already a strong effort and expanding it has only made it more so. The original ten-song core of the record is still there and is as impressive as ever. From the dramatic opening cut “Cheats and Liars” to the deep-end title song “Shining In The Half Light” that closed out the first version, Bailey’s initial album concept holds up and entertains.

“Cheaters and Liars” is saturated in crunchy blues rock. Roaring, ringing guitars offer a swampy hook. “The Game” weds blues with a raw groove emanating from Johnny Henderson’s roaring B-3 framing guitarist Joe Wilkins biting riff. Handclaps and backing chorus buoy Bailey’s love torn lyrics.
“Stones” is slow, raunchy blues fueled by wrangling slide guitars, B-3, and popping tom toms. Bailey inhabits her exhortation to self reflection. As the vocalists surround her, she and Wilkins push each other to make the song an anthem. In the resonant, soul-drenched love song, “Colours Start To Run,” her interplay with the her singners is breathtaking. The grain in her voice drips with resolve, commitment, and passion.
“Sunshine City” is a grooving choogler driven by a nasty, ZZ Top-esque power riff, swampy drums, and a driving bassline around a swelling B-3. “Riding Out The Storm,” is an easy, summery, paean to self-determination and romantic commitment, fueled by an irresistible R&B vocal hook. T

The additional songs on the Deluxe Edition only increase EB’s magic and appeal. The delicate and acoustic mother-and-child ballad “Spinning Stopped” is heartfelt and sweet and shows us the softer side of Bailey’s pipes. Her naturally warm vocal tone will charm you in a single breath.

“Hole In My Pocket” is a simmering, minor-key R&B number with an old-school flavor. An unexpected turn in the chorus takes it into rock territory before it returns to its percolating verse. The whole thing explodes in an up-tempo flash at the end and will stop you in your tracks when it does. Elles’ wide-open phrasing and knack for nuance conspire to make this an album highlight, as does her high-value backing band.

Another big winner on the new set is Bailey’s wonderfully-soulful rendition of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Long As I Can See The Light.” Elles is transfixing and hypnotic on it, giving it a spiritual performance with minimal instrumentation and a deep Southern feel. Guitarist Joe Wilkins contributes some beautiful slide work that makes the song even more hymn-like. It’s one of the finest CCR interpretations that’s been done and reveals an entirely new side of this familiar tune.

The live tracks from the original album are each powerful in their own way. “Halfway House” is a miracle of soul, telling its story in an unhurried way that emphasizes the truth it holds. “Riding Out The Storm” is snappy and fresh all over again. Bailey’s low-toned voice is one of life’s perfect things and will quickly make itself a home in your musical world.

”Shining in the Half Light Deluxe Edition” is proof that Elles Bailey was nowhere near finished with this album when it first made impact and there was a lot more great music lurking up her sleeve. Get this to put beside your first copy and bask in every second of it.
Highly Recommended


01 – Cheats and Liars
02 – The Game
03 – Stones
04 – Colours Start To Run
05 – Different Kind of Love
06 – Who’s That
07 – Sunshine City
08 – Halfway House
09 – Riding Out the Storm
10 – Shining in the Half Light
11 – Spinning Stopped
12 – Hole in my Pocket
13 – Over the Hill
14 – Long as I See the Light
15 – Halfway House (Live at The Pool)
16 – Riding out the Storm (Live at The Pool)
17 – Stones (Live at The Pool)
18 – The Game (Live at The Pool)
19 – Sunshine City (Live at The Pool)

Elles Bailey – vocals, guitar
Joe Wilkins – guitar
Matthew Waer – bass
Johnny Henderson – keyboards, Hammond
Matthew Jones – drums
Izo Fitzroy, Andrusilla Moseley, Jade Elliot – backing vocals



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