ERIC MOORE’s GODZ – Machines (2023)

ERIC MOORE's GODZ - Machines (2023) - full

American cult hard rock outfit, ERIC MOORE’s GODZ have released a new album titled ”Machines”. The 10-song record features new material, as well as modernized versions of The Godz classics, and is the first instalment of posthumous recordings from the band’s founder, Eric Moore, who passed away in 2019.
Formed in 1976 by Eric Moore, the original line-up of The Godz were signed to Casablanca Records, releasing two landmark albums for the label, and touring with the likes of KISS, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Angel, and many more. The band released many more LP’s throughout the years with a revolving door of musicians and record labels, with the one constant being Eric Moore.
The untimely death of Moore in 2019 brought the band to a temporary halt, with the legacy and future of the band left in the hands of longtime manager John Gard, as well as guitarist / producer Jeff Westlake (Hydrogen).
This is hard classic hard rock with a Seventies raw attack, guitar driven, uncompromised.

It has been 4 plus years since we lost Eric Moore. From 2015 until just before his passing vocalist Jeff Westlake and Eric worked when Eric could to formulate music and push the band and The Godz brand forward.
There is a lot of music that was tracked and demoed during that period of time. Now with guitarist Charlie Bonnet III (Disarray / Moccasin Creek), bass player Ryan Stepp on board, and Todd Long formerly of The Verve Pipe and currently with Ghosts Of Sunset supplying drums, they have finished these songs, resulting in “Machines”, a loud, crude, but a bloody good rock n’ roll album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Dig Up Y’all Hey You
02 – I’ve Seen The Devil
03 – 714
04 – Too Hot To Stop (The Rods cover)
05 – Born at the Wrong Time
06 – Highway Made of Pain
07 – For Your Life
08 – Criminal Minds
09 – Not Your Savior
10 – Headin’ Out

Eric Moore (The Godz) – Bass / Backing Vocals / Lyrics
Jeff Westlake (The Godz / Hydrogen) – Vocals / Guitar
Charlie Bonnet III (Disarray / Moccasin Creek) – Vocals / Guitar
Todd Long (The Verve Pipe) – Drums
Ryan Stepp – Bass / Backing Vocals


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