MARAUDER – Metal Constructions VII (2023)

MARAUDER - Metal Constructions VII (2023) - full

Seven years have passed since MARAUDER’s last album. Since then, many things have changed, the world has turned upside down, lockdowns and spreading diseases have come and gone, economy has been downgraded, bands that came out from the retro movement swift towards more melodic/catchy forms and the music industry has somehow changed.
Well, not exactly everything, since MARAUDER (apart from the line-up) stubbornly keep on producing quality classic heavy metal / traditional hard rock, as if they were the last band on Earth. Having enjoyed a joint career spanning over 30 years, guitarist duo George Sofronas and Andreas Tsaousis have shown a remarkable ability to successfully steer MARAUDER through a variety of times and settings.
Yes, MARAUDER, continue delivering uncompromising metal / hard rock in 2023, and of course their new album “Metal Constructions VII” is no exception. Εvery legend of hard rock / metal is somewhere in this album, from Dio, Judas Priest or Maiden to Dio, Scorpions, UFO and more.

From the first glimpse of the cover art, one should know what to expect. MARAUDER, for one more time deliver an overdose of classic early 80s metal / hard rock with every lovely cliché of its kind: spine-wrecking rhythms, rapid leads and ear-crushing vocals / melodic and soaring when needed.
Τhe band shows, again, a sincere love and respect for their influences, yet cooking their own sound.

For any lover of traditional sound of this genre, it is pure joy to behold the melodic and harmonic interplay that permeates the new Marauder material. Most easily notable this time around is of course the recruitment of Greek Metal scene strongmen Tassos Krokodilos (vocals) and Nick “Yngve” Samios (drums).
With his soaring voice having just recently graced the latest album by Hellenic old school act Spitfire, the securement of Tassos as the band’s new vocalist keeps Marauder’s tradition of fine, charismatic frontmen alive.

Both Tassos and Samios have managed to match successfully with the rest of the band. Especially Tasos K., since handling the vocals is not an easy job. Not only he manages to maintain his identity as a veteran vocalist, but also sounds as if he has always been with Marauder. He delivers the band’s trademark anthemic choruses with ease.
As far as Sofronas/Tsaousis guitar work, I won’t be exaggerating if I said that they are the Greek equivalent of Dowing/Tipton or Hoffman/Frank. And should you think that I am telling nonsense, listen to “Shout it out”, “Under her spell” or “Erase” and think again.

MARAUDER are not for those who seek intriguing and occult song lyrics, deeper meanings, flashy photos and abstract cover art. MARAUDER are straight ’80s metal before you press play: just take a look to that metallic cover art!
Highly Recommended


01 – Intro
02 – Strike Back Again
03 – Shout It Out
04 – Under Her Spell
05 – Nightfall
06 – Erase
07 – Rock Fighters
08 – The Iron Mask
09 – Holy Bible
10 – Never Die
11 – The Son of God
12 – Father

George Sofronas, Andreas Tsaousis – guitars
Tassos Krokodilos – vocals
T. Paralis – bass
Nick “Yngve” Samios – drums



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