STARCRAZY – Another Day, Another Squalor​.​.​. (2023) *Exclusive*

STARCRAZY - Another Day, Another Squalor​.​.​. (2023) *Exclusive* - full

Another Day, Another Squalor…” is the second EP from the raucous, high-octane Australian retro-rock outfit STARCRAZY, a Hollywood-glammy ’80s influenced 4 piece. Following on from their 2021 debut ‘Played For Suckers’ – also an EP – these young guys have been together since late 2019, and their blend of catchy rock n’ roll, as well as their high-power performances, has put them on the map as one of the most exciting upcoming bands.
On his ‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ radio show, Alice played their songs saying ”I love this; Retro glam with a hint of RUSH”. Well, I am not sure about the Rush comparison, but the king of horror know how to recognize a good rockin’ band.
STARCRAZY are sure to put a smile on your face and air guitar in your hands. Rock ain’t dead. It’s here to stay. Starcrazy will make sure of that.

A whole heap of old-school fun, Starcrazy’s new EP is a hyperactive blast of grin-inducing power-pop-infused rock n’ roll. Covered with a sticky layer of glam and delving into alternative heavier areas here and there. Uncomplicated, retrofit for the modern era, and delivered with a ton of passion.
What’s not to like?

Especially when it kicks off with such anthemic energy as it does with Galaxy O Luv and then Starcrazy follow that up with the funkalicious pop-rock focused The Big Time. Two tracks to move, groove and sing along to.
Though The Open Sea has something to say when it comes to finger-snapping, foot-tapping, and head-nodding good time tunes. One of the catchiest tracks on the EP.

Pure pace, wild in nature and rooted in primal rock energy, Egging Me Own is a short and frantic slice of excitement. Before there’s just a touch of experimentation with the dramatics of Hysterical. A track that has a killer chorus and some chunky bass licks. Followed then by Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony), a straight-forward slab of old-school rock and roll that keeps the anthemic qualities of Starcrazy front and centre.
Be sure to check out their previous EP as well, equally rockin’ charming.

Australia keeps putting out quality, young rock bands. The infectiousness is the key to Starcrazy’s charm; energetic, fun rock n’ roll.
If you are looking for an album to enliven you and wake you up, then this one is highly recommended.

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Another Day, Another Squalor​.​.​. (2023)
01 – Galaxy O’ Luv
02 – The Big Time
03 – The Open Sea
04 – Egging Me On
05 – Hysterical
06 – Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)

Played For Suckers (2021)
01 – Rise
02 – Taking Down The Brutes
03 – Long Way Home
04 – Disturb The Peace
05 – Gimme Back My Stereo
06 – Not The Only One

Marcus Fraser – lead vocals
Odin Wolf – guitar
Jack Barratt – bass
Jack Farmer – drums



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