WARDRESS – Metal ‘Till The End (2023)

WARDRESS - Metal 'Till The End (2023) - full

Hailing from Germany, WARDRESS was founded in 1983 by guitarist Alex Gor and vocalist Erich Eysn when they begin to write several songs and recorded some demos. However, for personal reasons, the whole project was put on hold in 1985.
Fast forward 2018, Alex recovered the old demo tape and decided to go to a studio with Erich and finally record these long-lost 80s metal tracks. WARDRESS stand for genuine old-school melodic metal in the style and spirit of Judas Priest, Dio / Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Accept, et all.
The band used the time of the pandemic measures to work on their second album ”Metal ‘Til The End’‘, on which WARDRESS remains stylistically true to their roots: razor riffs with surprising breaks and anthemic melodies alternating with exploding solos, complemented by bitingly ironic lyrics.
To be released next week, ”Metal ‘Til The End” rock with that ’80s feeling. Production and mix, for which expert Rolf Munkes is responsible at his Empire Studio in Bensheim, provides a crunchy, polished clean dynamic live-like atmosphere. Trad metal in its purest form, simply timeless…


01 – Berserk
02 – Metal Til The End
03 – Motorlust
04 – Mr. Crowley
05 – Wardress (80’s Reloaded)
06 – Serpents Kiss
07 – Serves You Right
08 – Metal Melodies (80’s Reloaded)

Erich Eysn – Vocals
Mirco Daugsch – Bass
Alex Gor – Guitars
Andy Setter – Drums


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