THOUGHT SPHERE – The Best Of : 20th Anniversary Special Edition (2023) *EXCLUSIVE*

THOUGHT SPHERE - The Best Of : 20th Anniversary Special Edition (2023) *EXCLUSIVE* - full

Progressive Metal / Hard Rock band THOUGHT SPHERE were active between 1995 and 2002, and released four interesting albums during their existence. Now they are releasing ”The Best Of : 20th Anniversary Special Edition”, a compilation album including their best shots, mainly fan favorites and those that where frequently played live.
Hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, THOUGHT SPHERE developed a rocking style with clear aims at the progressive metal heritage, looking at the US luminaries Queensryche and late-80’s/early-90’s Fates Warning as main examples to follow.
For the debut release the line-up was enriched with the addition of two members of the progressive rockers Lost Century, vocalist Andreas Lohse and the guitarist Jens Schafer, who paired well with the others among whom was the underrated guitar virtuoso Adrian Eric Weiss. The latter’s exemplary lead guitar work is a major reason why the you shouldn’t miss out THOUGHT SPHERE music which followed the melodic progressive metal canons without too many deviations providing good classic stuff without loads of complex surprises.

Alongside the clean vocals and atmpsheres, the band concentrates on hard, edgy riffage as evident from “Each Passing Moment”, a bouncy epic ride with great melodic hooks and Lohse’s outstanding emotional performance behind the mike.
“Shrine of the Saint” indulges in a few virtuoso sections initially, Weiss displaying his talents more vividly on this otherwise calm introspective progressiver that could have been taken from any mid/late-80’s Queensryche opus.

“This Cosm’s Wall” shreds heavily with more somber overtones at times, with a catchy chorus and great melodic embellishments. “Prophecy” is a highlight, an energetic metallic hymn with more cutting guitarisms and a tranquil finale.
Other tracks loses the progressive metal idea somewhere opting for a more orthodox, but also more memorable approach the guys moshing harder with less restraint, sounding angrier. The contrast achieved is good.

”The Best Of : 20th Anniversary Special Edition” is a very good representation of THOUGHT SPHERE’s capabilities, a brand of clean melodic progressive metal ala Queensryche, with atmosphere, plus heavier songs with a metallic approach.
Highly Recommended

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01. Like An Angels’ Choir
02. Shrine Of The Saint
03. Pinions Ablaze
04. Each Passing Moment
05. (Nothing But A) Vague Horizon
06. This Cosm’s Wall
07. Prophecy
08. Eden’s Shore
09. Grailkeeper’s Gate
10. Totenlicht
11. Winternacht
12. Thoughtsphere

Vocals: Andreas Lohse
Guitars: Adrian Weiss, Jens Schäfer, Stefan Schulz
Bass: Armin Alic, Goran Vujic, David Ludwig
Keyboards: Jan Ristau, Michael Newiger
Drums: Andreas Lösche



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