TURKISH DELIGHT – Volume Two (2023)

TURKISH DELIGHT - Volume Two (2023) - full

After last year very enjoyable release, now comes TURKISH DELIGHTVolume Two”. Again an all-star project featuring the songwriting talents of Fredrik Folkare (Eclipse), Peter Hallgren, Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network) Lee Small (Phenomena / Lionheart), Steve Morris (Export / Ian Gillan / Heartland), Mike Slamer (City Boy / Steve Walsh / Seventh Key), Mick Devine (Seven), Steve Newman (Newman / Compass) and Tommy Denander (Radioactive / Steve Walsh) there’s also a list of performing musicians that, quite frankly, is VERY impressive.
The aforementioned musicians also sing / play on the album, complemented by the whos’ who from the scene, just to name a few; Jeff Scott Soto, Jean Beauvoir, Robin McAuley, Mike Slamer, Mark Boals, Steve Mann, James LaBrie, Dan Reed, Kai Hansen, Billy Sheehan, Tommy Denander, Marc Storace, Rudy Sarzo, Dino Jelusick, Laurence Archer, and the impressive list continues…

What you’re getting here is a superbly crafted ‘various artists’ melodic rock recording, featuring the artists involved doing just what you want them to be doing – each one delivering a fan favourite performance. A retro tribute if you will but sounding ever fresh thanks to the efforts put into making this record sound as good as it does.
Despite the number of writers and musicians involved the whole album holds together well, helped as the theme running through the album is to create enjoyable and top quality melodic rock.
Highly Recommended


1 No One Knows Your Name
feat. Fredrik Folkare (guitar), Ralf Scheepers (vocals), Peter Hallgren (guitar), Mark Boals (bass, backing vocals), Steve Mann (keyboards), Johan Kullberg (drums)

2 Come On
feat. Jean Beauvoir (vocals), Fredrik Folkare (guitar,bass), Peter Hallgren (guitar), Johan Kullberg (drums), Charlie Calv (keyboards)

3 Destiny
feat. Andrew Freeman (vocals), Folkare (guitar), Peter Hallgren (guitar), Mark Boals (bass,backing vocals), Johan Kullberg (drums), Kjell Haraldsson (keyboards)

4 I Am Ready
feat. Fredrik Folkare (guitar), Mark Boals (vocals), Steve Mann (keyboards), Johan Kullberg (drums), Kai Hansen (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass)

5 Crazy
feat. Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Folkare (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Tommy Denander (keyboards), Josh Devine (drums), Mick Devine (backing vocals)

6 Hold Your Future
feat. James LaBrie (vocals), Fredrik Folkare (guitar), Peter Hallgren (guitar), Johan Kullberg (drums), Mick Devine (backing vocals), Keith Atack (guitar), Mohammed al- Sadeqi (guitar), Michael T. Ross (keyboards), Nick Foley (hammond), Paul Logue (bass)

7 Future
feat. Dan Reed (vocals), Fredrik Folkare (guitar), Josh Devine (drums), Steve Morris (guitar,keyboards), Wayne Banks (bass)

8 Higher
feat. Marc Storace (vocals), Fredrik Folkare (guitar), Johan Kullberg (drums), Michael T. Ross (keyboards), Rudy Sarzo (bass)

9 Don’t Surrender
feat. Robin McAuley (vocals), Fredrik Folkare (guitar,keyboards), Rudy Sarzo (bass), Ben Christo (lead guitar)

10 Fahrenheit 451
feat. Lee Small (vocals), Tony Harnell (vocals), Jerome Mazza (vocals), Mike Slamer (guitar), Paul Taylor (keyboards), Marco Mendoza (bass)

11 Throwing Bones
feat. Charlie Calv (keyboards), Josh Devine (drums), Jules Galli (vocals), Dennis Stratton (guitar), Steve Newman (guitar,backing vocals), Takeaki Itoh (bass)

12 We Carry On
feat. Dino Jelusick (vocals), Fredrik Folkare (guitar), Steve Mann (keyboards), Josh Devine (drums), Takeaki Itoh (bass), Laurence Archer (guitar)

The Crew:
Robin McAuley (MSG/Black Swan/solo)
James LaBrie (Dream Theatre/solo)
Dino Jelusick (JeluSick/Trans Siberian Orchestra/George Lynch)
Marc Storace (Krokus/solo)
Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman/W.E.T/Sons Of Apollo)
Ralf Sheepers (Primal Fears/Gamma Ray)
Jean Beauvoir (Crown of Thorn/ solo)
Jerome Mazza (Pinnacle Point/Kansas)
Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network)
Tony Harnell (TNT/Morning Wood/Westworld/Starbreaker/solo)
Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen/Ted Nugent/Ring Of Fire)
Jules Galli (Levara)
Andrew Freeman (Great White/Last In Line)
Lee Small (Phenomena/Lionheart)
Mick Devine (Seven/The Roads)
Paul Taylor (Winger/Alice Cooper/The Road)
Kai Hansen (Helloween/Gamma Ray/Iron Savior/Unisonic)
Paul Logue (Edens Curse/James LaBrie)
Keith Atack (Atack/Bonnie Tyler)
Mohammed Alsadeqi (Osiris)
Billy Sheehan (Mr Big/The Flood/ Winery Dog)
Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy/Journey)
Rudy Sarzo (Quite Riot/Ozzy Osborne)
Wayne Banks (Saxon/Brazen Abbot/Robin Gibb)
Takeaki Itoh (Pinnacle Point)
Mike Slamer (Streets/Seventh Key/Steve Walsh/City Boy)
Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden/Lionheart)
Laurence Archer (Grand Slam/Thin Lizzy/solo)
Ben Cristo (Sister Of Mersey/Black Diamond)
Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed/Eclipse)
Peter Hallgren
Tommy Denander (Steve Walsh/Radioactive/Overland)
Steve Mann (MSG/Lionheart)
Steve Morris (Ian Gillan Band/Heartland/Lonerider)
Chris Childs (Thunder/Lonerider/Tyketto)
Charlie Calv (Angel/Shotgun Symphony)
Nick Foley (Atack)
Michael T.Ross (Hardline/Missing Persons/XYZ/Lita Ford)
Kjell Haraldsson (Glen Hughes)
Josh Devine (One Direction/Levara)
Johan Kullberg (Hammerfall)
Steve Newman (Newman)



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